Who is Noura Erakat? Rutgers University professor suggests Elon is antisemitic and hates Jews

Rutgers College teacher Noura Erakat blames Elon Musk for discrimination against Jews on MSNBC, connecting it to his visit to Israel
Erakat, known for her activism, reprimands Israel’s activities and marks the IDF as “destructive” in the meeting
The charges have started banters via virtual entertainment, with Elon Musk yet to answer

Born Noura Saleh Erakat
January 16, 1980 (age 43)
Alameda County, California, U.S.
Occupation Activist, attorney
Education University of California, Berkeley (BA, JD)
Georgetown University (LLM)
Relatives Yousef Erakat (brother)
Saeb Erakat (uncle)
Ahmad Erekat (cousin)

Late charges of discrimination against Jews have become the overwhelming focus as Noura Erakat, a teacher at Rutgers College, proposed on MSNBC that Elon Musk, the business person, is xenophobic and harbors enmity towards Jews. The contentious remarks arose following Musk’s visit to Israel and his visit through a site related with a lamentable occasion.

During her appearance on MSNBC, Erakat declared that Elon Musk is prejudiced and holds a scorn for Jews. This guarantee originates from Musk’s new visit to Israel, where he visited a site connected to a delicate verifiable episode. The allegations, made on a traditional press stage, have lighted conversations via virtual entertainment and inside the open arena.

While resolving the issue of discrimination against Jews, Erakat communicated her perspectives on Israel’s activities, expressing that the nation is taken part in what she called a “obviously an ethnic purifying effort.” She further reprimanded the Israel Protection Powers (IDF), guaranteeing they have not accomplished anything and named them as “destructive.” Erakat likewise alluded to Palestinian detainees as “prisoners” during the meeting.

Who is Noura Erakat?
Erakat, born in 1980, is an American lawful researcher, common freedoms lawyer, and an academic partner at Rutgers College, gaining practical experience in worldwide studies with an emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian clash. Her activism stretches out past scholarly community, and she has been associated with different sheets and strategy warning gatherings.

The charges made by Erakat have started banters via virtual entertainment, with allies communicating worry about possible prejudiced opinions, while others question the legitimacy of the cases. Elon Musk still can’t seem to answer the allegations.

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