Who Is Norm MacDonald Wife Ruth And Girlfriend 2021 Lori? Comedian On Netflix Special

After the release of Norm MacDonald’s Nothing Special on Netflix, his fans wonder who is his wife, Ruth. Here is what we know about his partner. 

Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special got released on 30 May 2022, a one-person comic act that the former “Weekend Update” anchor created and performed in a single take at home alone before his death in September.

Macdonald’s records before his death made his memory more lively and emotional. The posthumous release serves as a suitable and highly touching tribute and a lesson on stand-up comedy.

Ruth Was A Norm MacDonald Wife? 

Norm MacDonald had a wife named Ruth, who was just an imaginary one he used to include in his jokes. Additionally, he tackled hot-button topics like Systematic racism. Nevertheless, he was married just once in his lifetime. 

Norm married Connie Vaillancourt in 1988. The couple together had a son Dylan in 1993. However, the couple had a perfect time together and lived a happy married life until they separated in April 1999. Additionally, they divorced later the same year.  

Furthermore, MacDonald never used to mix his personal life with his professional one and had always tried to keep his family under the shadows. Additionally, we believe his son must be in his late 20’s already. But unfortunately, we have little information on him. 

Furthermore, in his family, he was the son of Ferne and Perc Lloyd Macdonal, who were both teachers. He also had an older brother Neil, a journalist for CBC News. Also, he has a younger sibling too by the name of Leslie.

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Learn About Norm MacDonald Girlfriend Lori In 2021

Norm MacDonald’s girlfriend was Lori Jo Hoekstra, but they were close friends. Both of them never announced their relationship as anything beyond a friendship. However, they were very close, and she was by the stand-up comedian’s side when he passed away. Additionally, she might have known him better than anyone during his last days. 

They both were very intertwined as Lori was a part of Norm’s television career since 1990. She was a producer for his first scripted show “Norm.” Additionally, she also produced “Back to Norm,” “Sports Show with Norm Macdonald,” “Norm Macdonald Live,” and, most recently, “Norm Macdonald Has a Show.” Thus they were very close to friends. 

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Norm MacDonald Cause Of Death Is By Cancer

Norm MacDonald battled cancer for almost a decade in secret before his death on 14 September 2021 at 61. His close friend Lori also spoke about why he did not want to talk about his leukemia and keep it away from the spotlight.

Norm Macdonald is regarded as an all-time great stand-up comedian. He was known for his deadpan comic style, which evolved into a more minimalist approach over time.