Who Is Nathan DeBruin Photographer? Kyle Rittenhouse Witness – Age & Wiki

Nathan DeBruin is the photographer and witness of the August 25, 2020, Kenosha case, who has brought a new twist to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Learn more about him here below!

Nathan DeBruin is an American amateur photojournalist.

He has gained nationwide attention for being a key defense witness in the recent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

The case of Rittenhouse involves the defendant, Kyle Rittenhouse of killing two men and wounding another man in the arm during confrontations at two locations.

The incident happened on August 25, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Who Is Nathan DeBruin Photographer? Meet Kyle Rittenhouse Witness

Nathan DeBruin is an aspiring photographer and journalist who has become one of the key witnesses of the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

His recent hearing at the court has gained him nationwide respect and attention due to his testimony.

DeBruin is a Kenosha native who captured the confrontation between Kyle and Kenosha police officers on the incident day.

He has described himself as an amateur photojournalist and described the pictures that he took to the jury.

DeBruin’s testimony was occasionally noted down by the jurors, per ABC Wisconsin.

Thus, his testimony proved helpful to the case, and he may play a significant role in the upcoming hearings.

Nathan DeBruin Age and Wiki Explored

Nathan DeBruin’s current age falls around his 20s by scanning through his pictures.

Meanhwile, the exact deets of his age and his complete birth date are not accessible at the moment.

He currently lives in Kenosha and hopes to be a professional photojournalist.

Aside from his works in photojournalism, he has yet to reveal his life matters at the moment fully.

Even so, DeBruin has become a new star of the case as the Rittenhouse case is one of the sensitive cases of the state.

Is Nathan DeBruin On Instagram?

Nathan DeBruin cannot be traced down on Instagram currently.

It seems he is not available on any of the social media sites as of now.

It may be due to his choice of personal space, as he has already become a public face due to his involvement in the case.

However, he has gained some notable mentions on most social media sites including Twitter as the trial of the case has been developing rapidly.