Who Is Nadege Fleurimond From “The Big Brunch”? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Author

Nadege Fleurimond was one of the contestants at “The Big Brunch,” one of the reality cooking competitions hosted by Dan Levy for HBO Max.

“The Big Brunch” is going to air on November 10, 2022, with Sohla El-Wally and Will Guidara as the judges.

There are eight episodes in which 10 chefs had to compete against each other for total cash of $300,000.

She is one of the contestants there, among 9 other chefs. She belongs to the Haitian ethnicity, and she is an entrepreneur, speaker, chef, author, and business strategist. She uses food to connect and pulls a flavor from Asian, Latin, Haitian, and European cuisine to create tasty cuisines that inspire, motivate and unite people.

Who is Nadege Fleurimond?

Nadege Fleurimond was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with her mother, brother, and close family members, but she moved to Brooklyn, New York, when she was seven years old.

She grew up in New York City, where she met her father for the first time. While growing up in Haiti, she never got a chance to meet her father and the only time she talked to him was via a phone call.

Moving to Brooklyn was a complete cultural shock for Nadege, and on top of that, she was raised by a single father while her other family was back home. In New York, she attended Brooklyn Technical High School. Her father was the main source of inspiration as he was the one who taught her how to cook.

She has always been involved with cooking at gatherings and in different communities. And she even vividly remembers cooking for her dad while he used to play cards with his friends and shared different stories.

While she was at college, she used food to connect with her friends from different cultures like Phillippines, Italy, Jamaica, China, Dominican Republic, and so much more. She got a chance to learn about other different cultures, and at the same time, she got a chance to teach them about Haitian culture too.

Even though she was raised far from her birthplace, she was always connected to her roots. She uses her Haitian heritage to effortlessly fuse traditional and modern cultures.

She enjoys what she is doing because she chose a career that fit her passion and she also enjoys working with many clients.

She believes that in order to reach our end goal, we need to put work into ourselves too.

10 Facts About Nadege Fleurimond

    1. Nadege graduated from Columbia University by taking a degree in Political Science. There she met friends from different cultures like China, Phillippines, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and so on. There she also got a chance to share knowledge about her Haitian Culture and Ethnicity with her friends.
    2. She is a business strategist as well. She works in a real-estate business called Gotham Properties. She has multiple business partners nationally as well as internationally.
    3. She also has a catering company called Fleurimond Catering and catered for places like Columbia University, Ann-Hauser, New York City Hall, BET News, and many more.
    4. She started cooking when she was seven years old. She belonged to a community where cooking was a way of life. Her father was the one who taught her cooking and is her main inspiration.
    5. She has collaborated with Belle Vue Tours to coordinate culinary travel tours to Haiti, where she takes people to explore and learn about Haitian cooking culture.
    6. She works as a Marketing Head at Diner en Blanc Haiti and closely connects with the community.
    7. She has a coaching business called ROAR, where she gives in-person and online consultations to her clients on building and growing a brand successfully.
  1. She has won different titles like New York Media Alliance’s 2010 Ethnic Press Fellowship, Two Worlds Food Writers Fellowship from NYC Media in 2011, and a grant from the US Embassy to use culinary diplomacy as a tool for empowerment.
  2. Nadege is also an author and has two books, Taste of Solitude and Haiti Uncovered. These two books include many topics, such as Haitian Ethnicity, Haitian Cuisine, and Nadege’s love and experience with her culture. These books also contain recipes and cooking traditions from all 10 geographical departments.
  3. When she is not hosting any events, she also gives other people different culinary courses and experiences.