Who Is Mrs Latruth On IG And What’s Her Relationship With DaBaby? Drama Explored

Instagram influencer Mrs. LaTruth, original name Briana Hampton, went on a verbal war with the Charlotte rapper DaBaby. She accused the rapper of hitting her behind her husband’s back. Let’s find out the truth. 

Briana Hampton, popularly known as Mrs. LaTruth, is an Instagram model, influencer, and wife of the American rapper LaTruth. 

Currently, she is taking the media by storm by announcing war with DaBaby.

She recently posted a picture on her Instagram account and accused the Charlotte rapper of hitting and disrespecting her marriage. 

Who Is Mrs. Latruth On Instagram? 

Mrs. Latruth is a well-known figure on Instagram and social media. 

With over 530k followers on Instagram, 2.3M followers on Facebook, and 630k followers on TikTok, we can say Briana Hampton is a verified social media Influencer. 

Besides making videos on Tiktok, she also features on her husband’s music videos. 

She is also the owner of prettygangofficial which is an Instagram page made to encourage women of all ages to know their worth and spread love. 

As an influencer, she mostly spends her time interacting with her fans and encouraging women. 

She also supports her husband, LaTruth in making music videos and regularly posts short exotic videos with him. 

She describes herself as an entrepreneur and doesn’t hold back to speak up against women’s violations in the media. 

Mrs. Latruth AKA Briana Hampton Drama With DaBaby Explained

Recently, a drama circulated on the internet which concerns popular rapper DaBaby and Mrs. Latruth herself. 

On the 7th of October, she posted a screenshot of DaBaby DMs where he is found talking about her. 

Briana felt extremely disrespected and went public to criticize the star rapper DaBaby. 

Her husband, LaTruth, had a professional connection with DaBaby and also used to know each other.

But despite knowing she is married, DaBaby made some harsh comments about her which she didn’t take well. 

In the series of screenshots she shared on her Instagram account, DaBaby is asking another woman to set him up with Mrs. LaTruth. 

This piece of information was enough for Briana to confront the famous rapper in front of the whole world. 

In a response, DaBaby made a video explaining the screenshot was fake and photoshopped to frame him. 

He explained to his fans that some graphic designer made a fake account with a blue tick of his name. The rapper also reminded his fans he doesn’t talk in that tone like shown in the screenshots

Well, the real truth is yet to come out. 

What Is Mrs. Latruth Net Worth? 

Mrs. Latruth has an estimated net worth of $1 million. 

As a TikTok star and social media influencer, she has made a fortune for herself. 

Thanks to her husband, she also gets a chance to star in some music videos. 

Most of her salary comes from sponsors and social media posts.