Who Is Mold Girl Tiktok? Real Name and Instagram Update, How Old Is She?

Who is Mold Girl on Tiktok? This name has been circulating on social media since a woman from Nevada posted a video on TikTok showcasing a bizarre and disgusting issue of mold exposure in her apartment.

Mold Girl was the nickname given to the user in the video. She filmed an entire episode of “mold” growing in her apartment and shared it on TikTok back in December 2021.

The video went viral overnight and henceforth she got that nickname. Once again, in February 2022, she put her videos on display on Snapchat’s Discovery, and this time too, it is becoming an internet sensation.

Who Is Mold Girl Tiktok? Her Real Name Revealed

The woman behind the Mold Girl is a college student from the University of Nevada. Her real name is Elena Stenevoic.

Elena is a college girl and has been living in Nevada with her friends in a rented apartment. Elena and her friends had been facing this mold problem for a while and decided to display the problem online after her landlord ignored it.

She posted a video on TikTok claiming that she and her flatmates suffer from allergic reactions and migraines as a result of the mold-infested residence. In her video, she claims, however, that her landlord is unconcerned about the issue.

On December 3, 2021, Elena posted the first TikTok about the mold problem, with the description, ‘TIK TOK PLEASE HELP WE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO we’re just broke college students.’

Ex-tenants from the same landlord have DM’d the ‘Mold Girl,’ alleging that they experienced the same issues throughout their tenure. Many of her supporters have also requested that she sue the landlord.

Mold girl noted in her most recent TikTok that they don’t have the legal resources, aside from money, to file a case, and their lease expires in July, so they’ll have to live with the condition for another six months.

Mold Girl Instagram

The Mold Girl has an Instagram account with the username @elenasretenovic.

She has about 3000 followers on the social media handle and is quite active. She has a group of seven to eight girls and is quite close to each other. They are mostly seen together in their Instagram posts.

She seems to love traveling and posts a lot of outdoor photos. She is a young woman living life to its fullest.

According to an Instagram post, she celebrates her birthday on January 25 and is 22 years as of 2022.

Her TikTok account @talllgurl currently sits on over 46,000 followers after the mold situation went viral.