Who Is Mingalabae On TikTok? 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Twitch Star

A TikTok star by the name of Mingalabae is on the rise recently with her reaction videos on different popular videos on the platform.

People are keen to know more about the content creator taking TikTok by storm. She has been able to amass hundreds of thousands of followers on her account as of writing this article.

Mingalabae’s identity and recent endeavors are topics of interest to netizens. Looking at her profile and the comment section, she has been getting good feedback from her fans and well-wishers.

It is our pleasure to write an article about people’s favorite TikTok star. Here is an article about her career and personal life.

Who Is Mingalabae On TikTok?

Mingalabae is a TikTok star who likes to describe herself as a discontent creator in the shadow realm.

Her real name is Moe Kihen, but she is known to all by her username Mingalabae. She describes herself as a social justice warrior at Youth Justice-LA.

Also, in her About Me on Twitch, she calls herself loveably narcissistic; looking at her content, we can second her claim to be a loveable person but cannot vouch for the narcissistic part. Little is known about Moe’s personal life as she has been maintaining a respectable distance between her family and the internet. What is known is that she is a cat mom of five and streams on her brother’s computer.

Most of Mingalabae’s content is her reaction to racist videos and comments on the internet. She has a broader view on things and despises racism, which is the most featured topic of her videos.

Where Is Mingalabae From?

According to her Twitch bio, Mingalabae is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

However, she has a Burmese ethnic background. Her family is originally from Myanmar and moved to the United States some years back.

She supports her home country of Myanmar and often posts links to aid and donation to the people and non-profit organizations of Myanmar.

She frequently posts pictures of herself having great times with her friends on her Instagram. The girls frequently go out to parties and enjoy fun times together.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mingalabae

Here are some interesting facts that you might be unaware of about the TikTok sensation Mingalabae:

  1. Mingalabae’s real name is Moe Kohen.
  2. She is of Burmese background and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
  3. She is a pet lover and has five cats and one dog.
  4. Moe likes to party and often goes out with her girlfriends.
  5. On her TikTok, she mostly reacts to misogynistic and racist content on the internet.

Mingalabae is quite famous on social media. She has been able to amass a respectable following on major platforms. Below are her social media profiles and statistics.

  1. On TikTok, Mingalabae has over 327K followers on her account, @mingalabae. She regularly posts videos of several kinds on the platform such as reacting to other people’s videos and funny content.
  2. On Instagram, Mingalabae has relatively fewer followers than on TikTok. Her account @mingalabae has over 2700 followers. She first posted on December 2020 and has over 100 posts to date.
  3. Also, Mingalabae has a Twitch profile where she occasionally streams videos. She also has a Twitter profile, @mingalabae, but she rarely uses it, with the only post being a July 2020 tweet.