Who Is Mike Davidson? Michelle Collins Got Engaged To Partner – Age Wiki And Job Revealed

Michelle Collins is engaged to her 22-years younger partner Mike Davison. See what he does for a living and his net worth in the article below. 

Michelle Collins and Mike Davison started dating in 2012 after the actress’s niece, who worked for Mike, introduced them.

After they went public as a couple, many criticized her saying she got a ‘Toyboy’.

But, see what time has brought for us. A decade is definitely not a small period, and after surviving the hate and condemnation, they are now happily engaged.

Michelle Collins Partner Engaged-Who Is Mike Davidson?

Mike Davison is best known as the fiancé of the English actress Michelle Collins.

Not much about him is known until now. The not-so-flattering comments from the public at the beginning of their love story made them keep their relationship a bit grounded.

However, Mike worked in a Surrey store selling jeans and now has been working in his own men’s clothing business which he established in 2012.

You can find his store on Instagram and Twitter under the username heroesofrichmond.

Mike Davidson Age Revealed

Mike Davison is heading for 38 this year, though there is no result to his exact date of birth.

Since we know the to-be husband of the British actor is 22-years younger than her, his age is only math.

On the other hand, Michelle Danielle Collins was born on 28 May 1962 in Hackney, London, England, which makes her 59-years-old in 2022.

Mike Davidson Wikipedia Bio

Mike is not present on Wikipedia.

He is in the spotlight only because of his relationship with Michelle, and without her, he is only an average human.

So, now you know why isn’t he on the page.

What Does He Do For Living? Michelle Collins Partner Job

As mentioned above, he runs a men’s clothing store in Richmond, South-West London, which he established in 2012.

He also owns a website for the store and is available on Twitter and Instagram. But, even after almost a decade, he lacks followers in both outlets.

It might be because of his minimal engagement, as we can see he does not upload quite often.

How Affluent Is He? Explore Mike Davidson Net Worth

Mike Davison’s net worth is unavailable on the Internet.

While the numbers when it comes to Michelle’s net worth can cause a discussion. Her fortune ranges from $1.16 million to a whopping $73 million, which seems quite over the top.