Who Is Megan Dufresne Father? Sharon Marshall Daughter Talks About The Tragedy In Netflix’s New Documentary

Megan Dufresne recently appeared on a Netflix show called Girl In The Picture and fans are wondering about her father.

The daughter of Suzanne Savakis, who was the focus of the most recent true-crime Netflix documentary, is Megan Dufresne. “Girl in the Picture” is one of several mind-blowing true crime films that Netflix has offered in recent years, and it ranks at the top of the list.

Many viewers were intrigued by the new Netflix crime documentary’s terrifying and humorous insights. In addition, Suzanne Sevakis, the subject of the documentary, had a history of name changes and was presumed deceased in 1990. Her full identity is finally revealed over thirty years later.

Who Is Megan Dufresne Father? Explore Her Family

She was Suzanne Sevakis’ third child and was born in 1989. The details of her biological father, however, are still unclear. Due to the fact that they fled their home and opted to place their children for adoption, there is a strong likelihood that Franklin Delano Floyd is her father.

Additionally, there are no accounts of Suzanne dating anybody other than Floyd. She did, however, alter her identity twice. She has an adoptive father named Dean Joseph Dufresne.

However, there are no reports about her biological father and Megan also has never tried to talk about her biological father with the media.

Who Is Sharon Marshall Daughter Megan Dufresne?

The Netflix documentary “Girl in the Picture” tells the story of a girl whose identity was kept a secret for decades after her passing.

Tonya Hughes was originally recognized as the deceased after she passed away in 1990 allegedly as a result of a hit-and-run. She had previously gone by the name Sharon Marshall in another state, according to further research into her background.

The third child of Tonya Hughes and Suzanne Sevakis, also known as Sharon Marshall, is Megan Dufresne. Megan was given up for adoption after her 1989 birth.

Mary & Dean Dufresne took Megan in as their own. Mary felt Suzanne and Floyd were odd when she first met them, but she had no qualms about adopting the child.

By being adopted, Megan was able to escape Floyd’s oppressive control and be raised in a loving and secure atmosphere. She was informed that her mother had passed away in a vehicle accident, but she didn’t discover additional information about her biological mother until 2004 when Matt Birkbeck’s book “A Beautiful Child” was published.

Where Is Megan Dufresne Today?

Living in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, is Megan Dufresne. She met up with Matt Birkbeck, a few other individuals with ties to Suzanne, and others in 2017.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Megan works as a research coordinator at the Covington Ortho and Sports Medicine Clinic. She recently married Jack Dufreche, the love of her life, and has just graduated from college.

She has a degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and is interested in mindfulness and healthy living. Her personal life also appears to be fulfilling as her career has been thriving. In 2021, she wed Jacob Dufreche. One of their two kids, called Michael in honor of Megan’s brother, is one of their two.