Who Is Matheau Moore Westerville Ohio? Wife Emily Noble Murder Trial Begins

Tuesday marked the start of Matheau Moore’s trial, which began more than a year after his arrest and accusation of killing his wife.

Emily Noble and her husband Matheau Moore celebrated her 52nd birthday on May 24, 2020.

Before going home to bed, the pair made many restaurant stops in Westerville, Ohio. Moore, 50, got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, then chose to sleep in the guest room not to wake his wife.

At 10 a.m., when he awoke, Noble had already left, taking with her phone, keys, pocketbook, and car. Soon after, Moore filed a missing person’s report for his wife, and even then, rumors about her “disappearance” have circulated.

Who Is Matheau Moore From Westerville Ohio?

Matheau Moore allegedly killed his wife between May 24 and May 25, 2020, according to the prosecution. On May 25, he reported Noble missing. When Noble left the house without her car, keys, pocketbook, or cellphone, he claimed to be asleep.

In the following months, he distributed flyers and begged “The Vanished Podcast” producers to promote his wife’s case as a missing person.

Moore spoke strangely about Noble throughout the program, which lasted about an hour and a half.

Hundreds of volunteers led search teams in the days and weeks that followed Noble’s abduction. Moore reportedly didn’t go once, according to People. Why he never participated confused her close friends.

Jeff, a close friend of Noble’s, admitted to being able to see right through Moore’s narrative of the night she disappeared on The Vanished Podcast.

In a rural area not far from the couple’s house, Noble’s body was discovered hanging from a tree on September 16, 2020. They had to send her remains for bone and strangulation analysis because her body was so badly decomposed.

According to People, Noble’s facial and neck fractures suggested she had been strangled. Investigators also discovered that the location of her discovery had been staged to give the impression that she had committed suicide.

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Matheau Moore Wife Emily Noble

In May 2020, Emily Noble was reported missing. In a forested area close to her Westerville home, her body was discovered four months later, in September.

Later, investigators concluded that her death had been fabricated to appear as a suicide. She had a USB chord around her neck when she was discovered.

According to court documents filed in the days preceding the trial, whether her death genuinely was a suicide would be at least partially the trial’s focus.

An expert witness will be called to testify that suicide cannot be completely ruled out as a cause of death. After learning this, the prosecution asked the judge for extra time to locate an expert witness to refute it. But the judge turned down their request for a postponement.

Their appeal of the decision was likewise rejected. Thus, the trial got underway about 14 months after Moore was charged.

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Where Is Matheau Moore Today? His Trial Update

Moore has entered a not guilty plea to one count each of criminal murder, murder with intent, and felonious assault. He has pleaded not guilty to the accusations and is still being held under US$2.5 million in bail.

The day he was charged was spent selecting the 12 regular jurors and 4 alternates for the jury.

The jury members took a jury view—essentially a field trip. They first saw the house where Moore and Noble resided before visiting the precise location of where Noble’s body was discovered in a nearby forested area. An actual golf ball was used to denote the spot.

Jurors were released from duty for the day following the jury view.