Who Is Marnus Broodryk Partner? Everything To Know

Who is Marnus Broodryk partner? The entrepreneur has revealed his partner yet. Get to know about his age and net worth in this brief article.

Marnus founded an accounting firm named Beancounter and currently working as the CEO of the company. Moreover, he is a Shark Tank SA investor and a founding member of sme. Africa.

In the early phase of his career, Marnus did car washing and grass cutting to pay for school. He had to work for 18-hours a day to earn and was an independent person from the beginning.

After a decade later, he started Beancounter which made him the youngest investor ever. He also cemented his name as the best-selling author through his book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneur.

Is Marnus on Wikipedia?

Marnus’ Wikipedia Biography has not come online yet.

But there is no shortage of information about Marnus on the web as he is a popular figure among entrepreneurs.

You may also follow him on Instagram under @marnusbroodryk where he frequently shares photos.

Unfortunately, The 34-year old is unavailable on Twitter at the moment.

His Age: How Old Is He?

Marnus Broodryk is 34 years of age.

He has not disclosed his exact birthdate but it has been known that he belongs to South African nationality.

The founder and CEO of Beancounter also appears regularly on TV as the host of KykNET’s Winslyn.

What Is His Net Worth?

Marnus Broodryk’s net worth is estimated to be R375 million.

He became the youngest millionaire in SA.

He was one of the highest-earning people at the age of 24, and books had been written about his movie-script-like journey.

Furthermore, he also does meditation, yoga, and psychedelics for good health.

Marnus Broodryk Partner

Marnus Broodryk has not released any information about his partner till now.

We could not find anything about his dating life on social media but some online sites have reported that he is single at the moment.

Moving on, he spent his childhood in Harrismith with his single mom in the family.