Who Is Mark Rober Wife Lisa Rober?

American YouTuber Mark Rober is married to his wife Lisa Rober. Mark Rober shared a different side of his life with his viewers on YouTube.

Former NASA Engineer Mark opens up about his Autistic son. His son has never made a prior appearance on his channel.

His life partner Lisa is a Software Architecture, and she works for a renowned tech company.

Mark Rober is known as a famous science guy. He became popular after uploading videos regarding interesting science topics and do-it-yourself gadgets.

He developed an interest in engineering ever since he was young, and after he graduated, he even worked as an engineer at the world’s most famous tech companies, Apple and NASA.

Mark Rober Wife Lisa Rober Is A Software Architecture

Mark Rober spouse Lisa Rober works as a software architect at Apple.

Mark once shared a boomerang of his wife eating a salad. Fans noticed that she had an apple tag on her shirt with her name on it.

They have been together for more than a decade now. Even though Mark is known as a famous science dude and has millions of followers. In 2012, he posted a video on his YouTube channel where his wife Lisa was seen with him.

They have one son, and the couple is quite protective towards him. The reason behind this is that their child is suffering from Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

One year back, Mark uploaded a video on his YouTube channel with the title “The Truth About My Son”. He explains how his son is autistic and feels discomfort when he is around lots of people. He shared the problems that his son goes through as well as the things that his son loves.

Mark mentioned that his son’s favorite hobby is writing a letter. Every time he meets someone new he talks to them nicely. For example, asking them about their favorite color and so much more. And while he is alone, he makes letters for the people and delivers them to their place.

Mark and his wife Lisa accept and love their son for the way he is and the couple has always been supportive towards him.

Mark Robert has become an advocate for autism awareness and he often posts about it and also about the misconceptions that people think about autism.

Mark Rober Is An American YouTuber

Mark Rober is an American YouTuber well-known for making different science and prank videos.

Besides that, Mark is also an engineer who has worked for the world’s biggest companies.

He joined YouTube back in 2011, and now he has 23 million subscribers with 3.1 billion views in total. He calls himself a friend of science, and his love for engineering developed since he was young.

Before joining YouTube, he worked at NASA for nine years. He spent seven years working on the Curiosity Rover at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Later on, he also worked as the primary architect for JPL Wired at NASA. After NASA, Mark joined Apple and worked there as a product designer, where he used to author patents involving virtual reality (VR) in self-driving cars.

He started making videos for YouTube. His videos were loved by many people, and they always crossed millions of views.

From Halloween custom pranks to the creation of water purification, Mark has covered different topics related to science. His Halloween customs were featured on many popular channels like CBS, Discovery Channel, and many more. He has been a part of many shows which includes the famous TEDx as well.

He also runs CrunchLab, a website where one can learn about building different engineering toys from scratch. The site was made by a few engineering nerds.

Last year, Mark got an award for the STEM Personality of the Year. He also got an Honorary Fellowship from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.