Mark Labbett Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now?

Mark Labbett is single at the moment and does not have a girlfriend. Following his divorce from his wife, Katie, he has disclosed that he and Carol Vorderman are getting along really well.

Since his separation from Katie last year, the 56-year-old star of The Chase has been single. The Beast has indicated he’s willing to date again after losing ten stones from his hulking frame.

Mark evaluated by comparing their relative IQs of 154 (Carol) and 151 (Mark) and declared the retired Countdown star to be “smart,” suggesting they enjoy each other’s company.

He also mentioned that they are both rugby fans and relish conversing with her. On the other hand, Mark has decreed out dating any of his fans, despite ITV getting 15 emails a week from fans requesting dates.

Learn About Mark Labbett Ex-Wife Katie Labbett & Kids

Katie Labbett and Mark Labbett married in 2014, but the couple split up last year after revealing that she had deceived him for over a year with a man named Scott.

He and Katie rekindled their relationship in September 2019, with Mark stating that they were “starting to work through such a tough period.”

Mark plays one of the Chasers in the ITV game show The Chase. He and Katie have a son together and have been married for seven years. Both assert they were unaware of their second cousin’s relationship until they were wedded.

On August 29, 2020, Mark and Katie ended their relationship.”Katie’s part was never any deception,” Mark said, “but I’ve concluded that we should go our separate lives and remain on good terms.”

Mark Labbett Career Details

Labbett is one of the chasers on Bradley Walsh’s ITV teatime quiz The Chase, which premiered in 2009. His nickname on the show is The Beast, a two-pronged nickname that refers to both his stature and family name.

Labbett was the only chaser on Game Show Network’s American version of The Chase in August 2013. Along with fellow UK chasers Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace, he also showed up as one of the seven chasers on the Australian version of The Chase on the Seven Network.

Horse racing and soap operas are his weakest subjects. He stated that the American version presented him with more challenges because American game shows typically allow far more capable contestants than British or Australian shows.