Who Is Maisie Williams Father Gary Williams? 10 Things You Must Know About

Gary Williams is the estranged biological father of the GOT actress Maisie Williams.

Maisie Williams’s real name is Margaret Constance Williams. As Maisie was tiny since her childhood, she got her nickname from the comic column The Perishers according to her Wikipedia profile.

She is best known as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, playing the pivotal role of the character in HBO’s medieval fantasy television series, she has gained critical praise and accolades.

The English actress has appeared in other movies and series including Doctor Who, Two Weeks to Live, Pistol, and many more but her most prominent role still remains as Arya Stark.

Apart from acting, Williams is also an internet entrepreneur. She co-founded and developed a social networking platform Daisie with the aim of helping artists, especially those who are trying to start their careers.

Quick Facts

Name Maisie Williams
Real Name Margaret Constance Williams
Age 25 Years Old
Date of Birth April 15, 1997
Profession Actress, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $6 Million
Father Gary Williams
Mother Hilary Frances
Brother James, Ted
Sister Beth
Instagram @maisie_williams

Who Is Maisie Williams Father Gary Williams?

Gary Williams is the abusive father of Maisie Williams, who used to abuse her when she was a kid.

The actress never spoke about her father on the web, but recently while saying to the host Stephen Bartlett on The Diary Of An CEO podcast, she burst into tears while speaking about her estranged father.

Gary Williams is the biological father of Maisie Williams but has not been in contact with the actress since she was eight years old, which is 17 years now.

While much information about Maisie’s father, Gary, is not available on the web, he sure had induced trauma in her life at a very young age.

According to Daily Mail, Williams had a traumatic relationship with her father that consumed her childhood.

Her father’s actions have significantly impacted her life and her family from the early days. According to Mirror, her mother had to ‘escape’ her father when she was just four months old. She did not reveal the reason for her mother escaped her father.

10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Gary Williams

  1. Gary Williams is Maisie Williams’s biological father, but they have not been in contact with one another for the last 17 years. She cut off contact with her father when she was eight.
  2. Gary Willams had indoctrinated Maisie to such an extent that she now feels like she was a member of a child cult. She had no idea of what was wrong and what was right.
  3. He was abusive towards Maisie’s mother, Hilary Pitt Frances, and her siblings, and Hilary had to ‘escape’ Gary when Maisie was just four months old. The couple got divorced at the same time.
  4. Gary might be in a relationship with another woman, but he does not have any connection with Maisie, her mother, and her siblings.
  5. Maisie does not speak of her estranged father on the web much, but recently she said about her father, Gary, on a podcast that left the actress in tears. She did not reveal his current whereabouts.
  6. Gary and his youngest daughter Maisie have not been pictured together in public. They do not make public appearances together as they do not have any kind of relationship.
  7. His profession is unknown as Maisie has not revealed much about him on the web. On the other hand, the actress’s mother, who raised her previously, worked as a university course administrator before quitting her job to become Maisie’s assistant to pursue her acting career.
  8. Gary’s actions still haunt Maisie; she finds it hard to sleep at night and often shudders to thoughts when she looks back at her past.
  9. After separating from her father, Gary, at the age of 4 months, Maisie was raised by her mother, Hilary, and her step-father, who works as a business consultant and has been her father ever since.
  10. Gary shares three other children with Hilary, apart from Maisie. They have two sons, James and Ted, and a daughter Beth together.