Who is Lola-Rose Maxwell? Things To Know About Her

Lola Rose Maxwell from Starstruck has quite a mesmerizing acting career. Find out if she has a Wikipedia page or not.

Lola-Rose is a writer and comedian, along with being a phenomenal actress. 

Lola-Rose Maxwell: Wikipedia

Lola-Rose Maxwell does not have a Wikipedia page.

Moreover, she isn’t found using any social media accounts. 

Further, Maxwell is recognized for Office Manager, KevCoin: The Movie and Starstruck. 

Maxwell is known for her 1-minute monologue “The Appraisal” and has won a special Monologue Slam in 2019. 

Likewise, she has also written two episodes of “RudeTube” and countless character stand-up pieces, and her “One to Watch” had won at Funny Women. 

In addition, Lola-Rose sketches on Twitter with Steve Martin have continuously gone viral and earned the duo a Legend of Lockdown Chortle Award. 

Lola-Rose regularly performs with The Free Association, which improvises comedy sketches live.

What Is Her Age?

Lola-Rose has not revealed her age details.

But looking at her physique, she seems to belong in the age range of 28 to 35. 

What Is Her Height?

Maxwell’s actual height measurement is uncertain.

But, it seems like she stands tall at the height of over 5 inches and more. 

She has a beautiful figure, and her curly hair makes her look more pretty and alluring to her audience. 

One of her unique features is her eyes; Rose has a green eyeball which is quite rare. 

Who is Lola-Rose Maxwell Husband?

There are no records regarding Lola-Rose Maxwell’s husband.

It seems the actress is single and unmarried as of now. 

It seems the actress hasn’t shared any details on her private information with the public. 

Moreover, she works with her brother on dark comedy and horror projects.

One of their podcasts, “The Infinite Fairy Tale,” and a short film, “Office Manage,” won Best Dark comedy in the Top Shorts competition in 2020.

In addition, they also got an honorable mention at London Comedy Short Film Festival 2020. 

Is the Actress on Instagram?

No, it is sad not to see the actress unavailable on Instagram. 

The actress has seemingly gained popularity in the entertainment industry and has been earning a fortune of net worth. She is living a good life and earning more money through her works. 

Maxwell has got a shoutout message from Stevie Martin, who is also a writer and comedian.

The duo made a chat conversation on the printer, and it’s quite hilarious.

Likewise, Maxwell seems to belong to British nationality, and her family must live in the United Kingdom.

She has not spoken anything about her family in the media.