Who is Liam Bermejo? Loyola Linebacker Expel Petition Amid Assault

Liam Bermejo is a Loyola linebacker facing assault and rape allegations. What happened?

Just a day after the Phi Kappa Psi rape allegation at the University of Kansas, another allegation is surfacing on the internet. This time, a footballer at Loyola has been accused of assault.

Apparently, multiple women have been victims of Liam Bermejo’s actions.

Who is Liam Bermejo? Information on Loyola Linebacker

Liam Bermejo is a linebacker at Loyola University Chicago.

However, recent news alleges that Footballer Liam Bermejo was expelled from the Chicago university. This is after Liam’s name was linked to multiple rape allegations.

A few days ago, a girl named Chloe Rafferty started a petition on change.Org titled, “EXPEL LB FROM LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO”

On the petition, Chloe writes, “Multiple women at Loyola University Chicago have been sexually assaulted by freshman LB since the beginning of the semester.” She alleges LB has access to unlock women’s bathrooms and dorms at the college.

Since the girls stay on the co-ed floor with Liam, they reportedly don’t feel safe in the situation. Therefore, Rafferty wants Liam to face the charges.

The petition soon went viral on Twitter. Many people have posted about the alleged incident in their Tweets.

Liam Bermejo Assault & Rape Allegations

Liam Bermejo assault and rape allegations are still under investigation.

On the viral tweets, we can see the screenshot of text by someone named Liam. It reads, “I know it was a mistake but I didn’t rape anyone in the way it is traditionally defined.”

We don’t know what actually happened. But, Chole alleges that women on campus have been in constant fear of being assaulted due to his actions. She has also accused that Liam has been proven multiple times that he is a danger to women on campus.

On Tuesday, Chole edited the petition to change Liam’s name to LB. Apparently, asked her to removed the abuser’s full name from the petition entirely.

Was Liam Bermejo Arrested?

No, Liam Bermejo has not been arrested.

According to the petition, women at the campus want the university to stake a stand on the alleged sexual violence. They are also demanding LB be expelled from the college.

On the other hand, Bermejo has not spoken about the situation yet. Furthermore, he remains innocent until proven guilty.

Chole updates they will not stop fighting until justice is served. We just hope the case gets resolved as soon as possible.

Please don’t send threats or hate to anyone before the police get details on the case.