Who Is Leahanderson88 On TikTok? Meet The Social Media Sensation

Leahanderson88 is a famous internet celebrity who has over 400k followers on TikTok and 71k followers on Instagram.

Her TikTok on a song called small waist pretty face became viral in 2021. She is not seen online nowadays on her social media posts. She hasn’t posted since April 2021 on her Instagram.

Who Is Leahanderson88 On TikTok?

Leahanderson88 is a famous TikTok artist who became famous because of her lipsync of various famous songs. She is considered an entertaining personality by her fans.

They are concerned and worried about the TikTok star as she hasn’t posted anything on the TikTok and other social media platforms for a long time.

Her TikTok id doesn’t have any content right now. It seems like all the videos previously present in the account had been deleted by the user. The reason behind this action is unknown to us. Her fans are curious and eager to know the reason for this action.

Her Age And Real Name

Leahanderson88’s real name is Leah Anderson. She is a Cincinnati-born girl. Most of her posts TikTok were lipsync and dance videos. She also used to post videos related to her daily routine. 

She hasn’t revealed her exact date of birth. Judging from her appearance, her age can be somewhere between 20 to 25. Her Instagram shows that she is a fun-loving person who likes to spend time with her friends.

Leahanderson88 Wikipedia And Instagram

It’s been very long since she posted on Instagram. She started her Instagram account with the username of leah.anderson and has gained more than 70k followers since then. It is still unclear the reason for her absence from the internet. She has also deleted all of her posts on TikTok.

Who Is Leahanderson88 Boyfriend?

Leahanderson88 is a very private person. She has not disclosed any information about her private life on the internet. Her parents are still unknown. However, it is believed that she resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She has maintained the privacy of her family members.

She hasn’t given any hint about her boyfriend as well. Her posts on the social media posts are about trips and parties with her friends. She is immensely popular on TikTok because of her content. She used to publish many videos in a day but her account is empty currently and the reason behind that is yet to be unveiled.