Who Is Lars Pruitt? Everything About Yam Haus Pop Band Vocalist

Is there a biography of “Yam Haus” main vocalist Lars Pruitt on Wikipedia? Continue reading this article to learn more about him, including his age and career information. 

Yam Haus’s debut album, “Stargazer,” was streamed over 3.5 million times in 2018. Lars Pruitt is the band’s lead vocalist, and the band was formed in 2017.

Lars can also be seen playing the piano and the rhythm guitar.

Who Is Lars Pruitt? Wikipedia Biography Explored

On Wikipedia, only the band’s biography is available. Lars Pruitt’s profile, on the other hand, has not been prepared.

The full name of the vocalist is Lawrence Pruitt.

Lars Pruitt is one of the band’s founding members “Yam Haus.” In 2017, he wrote a couple of songs and started to record them. Afterward, he started reaching out to his old school buddies for help.

Lars, Seth, and Zach met in high school in Hudson, Wisconsin. When Lars presented the idea of establishing a band, they all agreed with him.

Jake Felstow, who was attending college in Minneapolis, was later introduced to them.

Lars and his bandmates began by posting a daily YouTube video to cultivate a fan base.

Lars attended the University of Minnesota as a freshman for one year after graduating from high school, where he studied economics and took a variety of general courses.

At Century College, he majored in Business Administration. After spending two years on staff at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, he formed the band Yam Haus.

Lars Pruitt Age: How Old Is The Yam Haus Vocalist?

Lars Pruitt is a middle-aged man in his thirties. Lars’s precise age is unknown because he has not made his birthday information public.

He is most likely between the ages of 30 and 35.

Details Of Lars Pruitt Family

Lars Pruitt has not disclosed any details about his family. Neither his parents’ identities nor any information on whether he has got brothers or sisters is known.

It is common for someone who has reached fame to keep their personal life under the radar.

What Is Lars Pruitt’s Net Worth?

Since no reliable sources have calculated or published Lars Pruitt’s earnings, his official net worth is unconfirmed.

Lars has been a full-time musician for more than four years since quitting his work as an accounting tutor. His band is currently in the development phase.

His net worth is estimated to be over $700,000.

Lars Pruitt Nationality: Where Is He From?

Lars Pruitt is of American nationality and is from St. Croix County, Wisconsin, in the United States.

All of his other bandmates are also from the same state and community.