Who Is Kyle Rittenhouse Sister Faith Rittenhouse? Her Age Wiki & Instagram Revealed

Was Faith Rittenhouse, Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister, in the testimony? Tune in to find out.

Faith Rittenhouse is the sister of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Talking about Kyle, he has been accused of killing two men. He is believed to have used a Smith & Wesson M&P15 which his friend, Dominic Black, had bought for him.

Who Is Faith Rittenhouse?

Faith Rittenhouse is Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister. Apart from her name, no details about her have surfaced on the internet.

Kyle Rittenhouse Sister – Faith Rittenhouse Age Wiki

Faith Rittenhouse’s age falls between 15-20 years old. Since the exact details about her birth have not been made public, this estimation has been made by looking at Kyle’s age.

Kyle is currently 18 years old. He was born in 2003 in Antioch, Illinois. In fact, he was only 17 at the time of the shooting.

Both Faith and Kyle do not have a wiki page. However, a topic titled ‘Kenosha unrest shooting’ has already been published on Wikipedia.

Kyle faces charges like first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree attempted intentional homicide, and first-degree reckless homicide. However, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to Kyle’s attorney, Kyle fired in self-defense.

Faith Rittenhouse Husband & Instagram

Faith Rittenhouse doesn’t seem to have a husband. In fact, there are no pieces of evidence to support her relationship status of present.

According to Faith, her sister’s boyfriend is Dominic Black. However, her sister’s name has not been revealed.

Dominic was the one who purchased the rifle for Kyle as he was not of legal age to own a firearm. He had made that purchased the rifle a few months before the shooting.

Likewise, Black was one of the first witnesses of the case. According to Dominic, he and Kyle went to the Car Source lot to protect the property. He was on the building’s roof while Kyle was on the ground. He found out about the shooting when Kyle called him.

Apart from some red marks on Kyle’s head, Dominic testified that he could not notice any injuries on him.

Moving on, Faith Rittenhouse doesn’t seem to have an Instagram and Twitter account.

Different Instagram handles under the name ‘Fath Rittenhouse’ can be found on the internet, but none of them seems to be hers. Whether she recently deleted her account or was not active on social media since the beginning is a secret.