Who is Kristin Pitzen Aka Mrsgillingsworth TikTok? Age & Instagram

Kristin Pitzen aka Mrsgillingsworth on TikTok recently posted a video online saying the US flag makes her uncomfortable.

The most downloaded apps in today’s date, TikTok has always been unpredictable for the viewers. It has actually pros and cons. Many people have gone viral overnight through TikTok.

Whatsoever, A woman who appears online with the username Mrsgillingsworth on TikTok said, “the US flag makes her uncomfortable”.

Moreover, Kristin Pitzen is a teacher by profession. She is the West Elementary School 6th Grade Teacher. For the American netizens, it’s not acceptable at all. People are reacting to her video.

Want to explore her personal life and career. Keep reading below till the end.

Who is Kristin Pitzen Aka Mrsgillingsworth TikTok?

Mrsgillingsworth, aka Kristin Pitzen, is a TikTok female star. It looks like her TikTok account has been deleted at the moment.

Very little is revealed about her personal life. We only managed to her professional details now. The lady has become the talk of the town.

As per the video uploaded by one of the YouTubers named Danny Adivo, she has shared a video online saying the American flag makes her uncomfortable. Everybody knows the flag is a pride for the netizens.

He also added, Kristin now has her students pledging allegiance to an LGBTQ Pride flag instead. Is she doing all this for publicity? What do you think, is she patriotic? She even said that she doesn’t have a single flag in her room.

What Is Mrsgillingsworth Age Now?

Mrsgillingsworth’s exact age is yet to reveal on the web. By her looks, she is in her late 30s.

Nothing has been revealed regarding her date of birth, family, and married life. Furthermore, her social media account has been set in private mode.

Regarding her nationality, Mrsgillingsworth is American by nationality, and her ethnicity is probably white.

Moving on to her body posture, Mrsgillingsworth is quite tall in stature. Perhaps, her height must be above 5 feet.

Nevertheless, her real name is Kristin Pitzen. However, she is popular with the name Mrsgillingsworth.

Is She On Instagram?

Yes, Mrsgillingwirth has an Instagram page under the name Kpitz.

You won’t believe it, but there are 300 posts and 869 followers so far. As per her IG bio, she is an English teacher.

Unfortunately, her Ig page is in private mode. We can’t check out her IG posts lately.

Discussing her family background, Kristin’s father and mother’s identity is obscure at the time of this writing. Probably, they are living their retired life peacefully in the US.

Additionally, it’s not known if she has any boyfriend or partner or not. Maybe, she is single.