Who is Kitsunevt On Twitch?

Kitsunevt is a popular Japanese Streamer currently streaming the live video games on the Twitch that she plays on her computer.

Internet fans can follow her games and other live videos on her Twitch handle KitsuneVT where she has around two thousand followers.

Apart from Twitch, it has been hard to find her on any other social media platforms as it seems she is just present on Twitch and nothing else.

Also, she sparsely receives donations from her viewers which have also been helping her in her day-to-day life as she has been entertaining her fans for a long time.

Kitsunevt Age And Height 

We do not have the exact information about the age of Kitsunevt but she seems to be around 20-25 years old having a height of around 5.5 ft tall.

There is no proper source from where we could know something more about her personal details but we assume she wants to remain under wrap.

Although it is not sure whether she has revealed her face publicly yet, we can speculate she is a girl with a fair complexion and pretty decent height.

Furthermore, we can find her on Twitter under the handle @kitsuneSpl where she seems to be a girl who loves anime characters very much.

Kitsunevt Net Worth And Real Name

The net worth of Kitsunevt is currently under the estimation of around $50,000 – $100,000 as of 2021 whereas her real name is also unknown.

She must have been earning quite a handsome amount playing and streaming her games as it does not look she have any other source of income.

As she is known as KitsuneVT on most of the platforms, people are becoming curious to know about her real name as well know more about her other details.

Kitsunevt Wiki And Gender 

Kitsunevt is not present on Wikipedia yet but we can expect to see her on it soon and we know that her gender is female.

It must have been quite a few years since she has been actively involving herself in playing games and streaming them online.

There are several famous female gamers and streamers around the world and she is also inspired by them to shine her name in the field of gaming.