Who Is Kallmewhateveryouwant On TikTok? Here’s What We Know

Kallmewhateveryouwant is a Canadian social media influencer known primarily for her TikTok videos.

She is mainly known for her comedy skits, and through her comedic talents, she has amassed 46.5 million followers and garnered two billion likes. Her comedy veers towards skits and spoofs where she plays a variety of people based on her family members. The list is quite extensive.

She was originally a hairdresser but quit her job because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and started posting on Tiktok on April 9, 2020.

As a hairdresser, the content creator was based in Vancouver, Canada, and worked in various movie productions. The most popular one was when she worked as a hairdresser crew member on the CW’s Riverdale.

From April to December 2020, the content creator exclusively only posted videos on TikTok. By December, she had amassed quite a following. She could also go back to being a hairdresser then and chose to pursue both hairdressing and TikTok.

Quick Info

$2 Million
Social Media Influencer
July 1, 1996
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
2 Billion
46.5 Million
Kristina Halliwell Collins
2020 – Present

What Is Kallmewhateveryouwant On TikTok’s Real Name?

The content creator Kallmewhateveryouwant on TikTok’s real name is Kristina Halliwell Collins.

She currently goes by Kallmekris on TikTok and has also made it her username. The content creator is one of the most popular TikTokers primarily due to her comedic videos and many characters.

As mentioned earlier, her characters are all based on real family members she knows. Her characters are as follows:

  • Janet, mother of Riley, daughter of Nona, and sister of Chad
    • Riley, daughter of Janet
    • Marie, twin sister of Janet
    • Nona, mother of Janet and Marie, maternal grandmother of Riley
  • Chad, Riley’s maternal uncle and brother of Janet
  • Katrina, a Russian mother of Mischa and Sergei, daughter of Ingrid/Babushka
    • Mischa, Katrina’s son and brother of Sergei
    • Sergei, Katrina’s son and brother of Mischa
    • Ingrid/Babushka, mother of Katrina, grandmother of Mischa and Sergei
    • Boris and Svetlana, Katrina’s cousins
      • James, Svetlana’s husband
  • Carol, Janet’s friend
    • Buddy, Carol’s son, brother of Texas, and Diamond
    • Texas, Carol’s son, brother of Buddy and Diamond
    • Diamond, Carol’s adopted daughter, the adoptive sister of Buddy, and Texas
  • Amy, the daycare teacher of the children
  • Karen, mother of Hunter and employer of Natalie
    • Hunterson of Karen
    • NatalieEnglish nanny of Hunter, an employee of Karen
  • Boonea southern scout leader
    • Walterscout leader assistant to Boone
  • Amanda, a British cab driver
  • Krischelle, an affluent American socialite
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How Old Is Kallmewhateveryouwant?

The content creator Kallmewhateveryouwant on TikTok was born on July 1, 1996, and is 26 years old.

She was born to Karlee Collins and John Halliwell in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Sadly, her parents were going through a divorce when her mother was pregnant with her.

The content creator is the middle child of her family, as she has five siblings. They are

  • two maternal half-siblings,
  • two paternal half-siblings, and
  • one full sibling.

She is the younger one between her and her full sibling.

The future TikTok star started working when she was 14, getting small jobs like cleaning houses, and later became a self-employed hairdresser, which led to working in Riverdale. Though she did attend college, she quit because she wanted to be a hairdresser. She originally wanted to be a teacher, but college made her realize the profession wasn’t a good fit.

In 2016, the content creator traveled by herself to Southeast Asia, to the following countries:

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines

She stated that Vietnam was her favorite among the countries mentioned above. She only drinks in moderation as her father is a recovering alcoholic and does not want to become one.

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Kallmewhateveryouwant’s Net Worth In 2022

The content creator Kallmewhateveryouwant on TikTok’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2022.

As her TikTok account has grown in fame, she has been approached by many brands for sponsorship. Some of the brands she has partnered with on TikTok are:

  • Vessi
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Lifetime TV
  • President’s Choice
  • Amazon Prime Video

According to her, by the end of 2021, she had earned $4.75 million through her Tiktok ad partnerships.

She has also made videos on Youtube with board-verified family medicine physician Doctor Mike. They have also collaborated on TikTok. The content creator has also worked with famous Youtuber Philip DeFranco on his podcast “A Conversation With.”

Her partnerships with Youtubers have led her to make a Youtube channel too. She has amassed 7.33 million subscribers since she started posting two years ago.

She has uploaded 210 videos on her channel as of the writing of this article. The highest views she has received on her channel is 72 million. All but 34 of her 210 videos have reached or surpassed a million views.

She is the most followed TikTok creator in Canada and the 21st most followed person on TikTok, sitting snugly between Kylie Jenner and Billie Eilish. Sadly, the content creator does not make money off her Tiktok videos because, as it stands, only creators from the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain get money from the TikTok Creator Fund.


Did Kallmewhateveryouwant Work On Riverdale?

Yes, she was one of the hairdressers

Why Did Kallmewhateveryouwant Start Making TikToks?

She started making TikToks because she lost her job due to the pandemic.

How Many Siblings Does Kallmewhateveryouwant Have?

She has two paternal half siblings, two maternal half siblings, and one full sibling.