Who Is Kaija Millar? Australian Mother Arrested For Leaving Toddler In Hot Car

Kaija Miller is a woman who has been sentenced to three years in prison, a one-year minimum after she was found guilty of leaving her 14-month baby in a hot car. This incident has caused serious injury to the child’s health.

A judge has level Kaija “pathetic” for her reckless action and dangering her child’s life. People despise her for her carelessness and are saying that the court decision to be incarcerated is a perfect punishment for a mother like her.

There are so many nuances of this case that questions Kaija’s love toward her son. Let’s find out about the mother who endangered her own son’s life instead of protecting her.

Who Is Kaija Millar? Australian Mother Arrested For Leaving Toddler In Hot Car

Many Australians must have come across the news of a mother who left her 14-year son in a hot car for five hours and cause serious damage to his brain and blinded him; that mother is Kaija Millar.

This was a horrific incident and left many people stunned hearing it. Kaija went to gambling, playing pokies and bingo, leaving her son in a car with a window shutdown. She did not come back for five hours.

Due to massive heat child’s body went through physical trauma which resulted in serious damage to his brain. Easton, her son, is now suffering from permanent blindness and cerebral palsy.

Kaija Millar Age And Wiki

Kaija’s age is 34 years old. Many might get shocked to know such a grown-up woman would do a silly mistake costing her son his well-being. Her son, Easton was a completely healthy kid before that incident.

There is no excuse for her action besides that she has no right to be a parent, as per many people. Reportedly, she also lied to the paramedic about the cause of Easton’s illness and requested not to tell her husband.

She also claimed that she was checking her son every 2 hours and left her AC along with the window open; however, CCTV footage tells a completely different story.

Kaija Millar Jail Sentence Details – Who Is Her Husband?

Kaija was found guilty of carelessness and misleading law enforcer. After hearing the case, the judge decided to sentence her to three years imprisonment, she has to serve one year in minimum.

She was labeled as “Pathetic” by a judge. Many people say that she did not get punishment evaluating the severity of the crime she committed. Due to the cruelty of her action, she has been in people’s attention.

Her husband is Steve. There was no involvement of Steve in this matter; as of now, Steve is taking care of his son. It is agonizing to him because his healthy son’s well-being was compromised by his wife and the kid’s mother.