Who Is Jonah Roberts? Troy Roberts Adopted Son

Troy Roberts adopted his son Jonah Gray Roberts after inspiration from 48 Hours Story. 

Ayanleh Khadra Mahamoud Abdi, now known as Jonah, was a four-year-old white-skinned child living in Djibouti, Africa. 

The young kid was living in poverty with his mom Khadra. 

Khadra and her son were homeless and had taken up residence in an abandoned building. They slept on the floor and begged for food. 

Troy fell in love with Khadra and Jonah at first sight and tried everything he could to connect with them. 

Finally, he managed to convince Khadra that he was the appropriate person to care for her biological son. 

Jonah Roberts Age: How Old Is He Now? 

Jonah Roberts is presently 22 years of age, as per the info listed on his Instagram bio. 

Jonah’s life has been fantastic since Troy adopted him. The father-son duo resided in New York City and was perfectly content together.

Troy provided everything his child required and taught him to be the man he is today.

There was never a time when the pair felt like a father and an adopted son. They always had the impression that it was a father-son relationship.

Meet Jonah Roberts On Instagram 

Jonah Roberts has not shared any posts on his Instagram handle @jonahgrayroberts. 

Despite not posting anything, he is active on his Instagram profile, evidenced by the numerous stories he shares. 

Jonah is currently an athlete and appears to be very close to Deondre A. Bourne, a basketball player for the Jefferson Men’s Basketball team.

Jonah Roberts Family Details  

The present family of Jonah Roberts includes his dad, Troy, and his dogs Miley and Baker.

Jonah’s previous family comprised of his mother, Khadra, and his biological father, a French soldier. 

After a brief affair with a French military man, Khadra gave birth to her son Jonah, whom she had named Ayanleh Khadra Mahamoud Abdi.

Jonah’s biological father was never around him, and his mother was concerned about his safety because he was mixed-race. 

So she made the decision to place him for adoption so that he could have a better life. Khadra passed away a few years after her son was adopted.