Who Is Jennifer Wittman? Her Wikipedia Page

Jenifer Wittman was an American makeup artist who did not have a Wikipedia page devoted to her. 

Though she was not on the official Wiki page, she was available on the IMDb page though there are not many details about her there. 

She has also appeared on Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, The George Carlin Show, Glee, and the films Big Fat Liar and Pleasantville.

Wittman was a regular participant for The Actor’s Fund programs and a part of Local 706’s Board of Trustees for many years. She always managed her makeup career highs and lows with elegance, good humor, and an optimistic attitude.

What Is Jennifer Wittman’s Age?

The age of Jennifer Wittman at the time of her death was 65 years old.

The exact details about her birth date are not available on the web however, we found out that she was born in 1954.

Neither the details about her birthplace is reveal not her ethnic background. 

Jennifer Wittman Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Jenna Wittman, a makeup artist, died on July 20th, and the tv communities lost someone of their own. Melody Thomas Scott conveyed the heartbreaking news that it was time to say goodbye that day.

She wrote on Instagram, “It is with a heavy heart that I convey the tragic news of our decades-long friend and glam artist great, Jenna Wittman.” “I said my goodbyes and wished for a pleasant voyage into her ear this morning while on life support with no chance of improvement.”

She also wrote, “Come and join me in praying for her, and the firms of Y&R and B&B, and praying for her a quick voyage to the most loving eternal. Jenna, we shall always love you.”

B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk broke the news of her death the next day. These social media posts drew a flood of passionate words of love and grief in the comments.

Jennifer Wittman Husband: Was She Married?

Jennifer Wittman was a married woman, even though she never revealed anything about her husband.

She never shared any photos of herself with her better half on social media. The makeup artist was not on Instagram or any other social media outlet.

However, she was the mother of three kids named Therese, David, and Carolyn.