Who is Jennifer Hutch? Everything To Know About The Gerry Hutch Daughter

Gerry Hutch was recently arrested. Where is his daughter Jennifer Hutch Today?

Jennifer Hutch is the daughter of the former Irish crime boss Gerry Hutch, also called ‘The Monk.’ Gerry was charged with being involved in the robbery of an armored van at Marino Mart in January 1987.

In 1995, Gerry was once again involved in the armed robbery of Brinks Allied Security Depot in Dublin, which is said to be the largest cash robbery of that time with a total figure of 3 million Euros. 

Where is Jennifer Hutch Today?

A very little is known about Jennifer Hutch life and her whereabouts. Jennifer was married back in 2006 with her husband David Usher in a plush ceremony in Dublin. Jennifer and her father Gerry Hutch had posed for pictures during the day of the marriage. 

Jennifer’s father and the former crime boss Gerry Hutch currently operate his own taxi business and give away the 28ft stretch Hummer car on hire. He used one of those during the wedding day of his daughter, Jennifer Hutch. 

Gerry Hutch Daughter: Jennifer Hutch

Jennifer Hutch is the daughter of Gerry Hutch. Gerry has two daughters and Jennifer is the eldest daughter. Leonda Hutch is Gerry’s youngest daughter and Jennifer’s sister. 

Gerry Hutch is known by the name of ‘The Monk.’ He was called ‘The Monk’ for being disciplined and performing an aesthetic lifestyle during his time in prison. The nickname Gerry was given by Veronica Guerin, an investigative journalist. 

Jennifer Hutch: Her Age Husband and Family

The information about Jennifer’s age and birth date are not available. Jennifer Hutch was born to her parents, father Gerry Hutch and mother, Patrica Hutch.

Being the eldest daughter of her parents, Jennifer Hutch is possibly in her thirties. Jennifer’s father, Gerry was born in 1963. He is currently the age of 58. 

Jennifer Hutch is married to David Usher on the 1st of May, 2006. They have been together since then. It is not known whether the couple has kids or not.  

Gerry Hutch’s brother Eddie who was 59 years old and nephew Gareth who was 35 years old were murdered in 2016. Gerry had moved all his close family members to a safe house in Amsterdam. During that time, he had to cancel the wedding ceremony of his younger daughter, Leonda Hutch.

Is Jennifer Hutch on Instagram? 

Jennifer Hutch cannot be found on Instagram and any other social accounts. Being the daughter of the former criminal, Gerry Hutch, she must want to keep her life personal. 

We hope to know more about Jennifer and her life and maybe she will soon be connected with Instagram and other social media.