Who Is James Morrison?

James Morrison is a news producer working at MSNBC.

The journalist is the talk of the internet after police found him stalking the jury of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and banned MSNBC from the courthouse.

Besides that, there is little to no information online about James including, his educational qualifications, professional background, and family.

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The producer also seems shy of social media platforms. He doesn’t seem to be on any of them. He either uses the services with a different alias or doesn’t use it at all.

Nonetheless, as per MuckRack, James worked at NBC and other media organizations like Aol, Marketplace, KUHT-TV (Houston, TX), and The Daily Pennsylvanian. However, it isn’t official information as many people with the same name exist, so who knows?

James Morrison Arrested – Did MSNBC Fire Him?

The Kenosha Police Department arrested James Morrison, an MSNBC news producer, and issued several traffic-related citations.

They say that the man was trying to take photographs of the Kyle Rittenhouse case jurors. He was following the van used to transport the jury. The investigation on the matter is ongoing. 

Judge Bruce Schroeder presiding over Kyle’s trial said that the van is equipped with blacked-out windows to prevent the jury from exposure to either one side or the other while being taken to the courthouse.

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He further added that no one from MSNBC News is allowed in this building for the duration of this trial. He also said that it was a serious matter.

As for NBC News, they denied the statements of the police and instead claimed that a freelancer received the traffic citations. They also backed their employee saying, the man never contacted or photographed the jurors and didn’t have such intentions.

They also said that they regretted the incident and would assist in whatever the investigation.

As for the man’s job, it is probably in danger, as missing out on the highly anticipated trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is something that would hurt the channel.