Who Is James McGrath AKA The Beast On ANW? Age Wiki – Meet Girlfriend Allyssa Beird

James McGrath, aka The Beast, has made history after taking part in the 2022 season of the American Ninja Warrior. His current appearance is his 10th overall in the competition, the first being in season 2.

The Beast made a promise that he would propose to his girlfriend, Allyssa Beird if he beats the obstacle course in the current season of the competition. He did finish the course and proposed to her, and she said “Yes”.

American Ninja Warrior season 14 premiered on June 6, 2022, on NBC. James was one of the 13 to be selected for the semi-final of the competition. Here are more details about his personal life and his career.

Who Is James McGrath AKA The Beast On ANW?

James McGrath, aka The Beast, is an obstacle course athlete and a veteran competitor in American Ninja Warrior. He has taken part in this season of the reality show, making his 10th appearance in the competition.

The Beast successfully completed the first obstacle course and was one of the 13 to be selected for the semi-final of the competition. He was unable to take part in the preceding three seasons of the competition due to a shoulder injury, his last appearance being in season 10.

Moreover, The Beast first made his ANW appearance in season two of the competition. He then went on to compete in all the subsequent seasons up to the tenth one. He has also taken part in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs Japan.

Meet James McGrath Girlfriend Allyssa Beird

James McGrath is in a relationship with fellow ninja warrior, Allyssa Beird. She is a teacher and a photographer who has previously competed in seasons 8 to 13 of American Ninja Warrior.

After finishing his obstacle and hitting the buzzer, James fulfilled his promise and proposed to his girlfriend, Allyssa on the stage of American Ninja Warrior season 14. An elated Allyssa said “Yes”.

The couple first met through the competition and have been in a relationship after falling in love. Both of them are veteran competitors on ANW and have a good fan following.

Allyssa Beird has 41K followers on her Instagram, @allyssabeird, whereas, James has 15K followers on his Instagram, @thebeastanw.

James McGrath Age And Wikipedia Biography

James McGrath is currently 35 years old. He was born on November 26, 1986. Likewise, Allyssa is currently 31 years old. She was born on July 13, 1990.

The Beast has also taken part in Sasuke 27 in 2011. He excelled in the first and second stages of the competition. He succumbed in the third stage of the competition after failing to beat the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Moreover, his experience in the American Ninja Warrior has come in handy in his current run. He easily beat the obstacles to hit the buzzer and get selected for the semi-final of the competition.