Who Is Ironmouse? Face Reveal Real Name & Age Of The Streamer

Ironmouse, a VTuber and live streamer, continues to intrigue fans with the possibility of a face reveal, but she has revealed her face. Find out her real name and age below. 

A VTuber and live streamer Ironmouse has been a part of the VTuber group VShojo since its inception in 2020. Her music, outlandish attitude, and high-pitched voice have made her famous. Previously, she used to be a freelance streamer.

Ironmouse is the most popular English-language VTuber on Twitch, with over one million followers. In addition, a live streamer had the most active paid subscriptions of all Twitch channels in  2022. Since September 2017, Ironmouse has established a YouTube channel comprising highlights from her Twitch streams.

Did Ironmouse Do A Face Reveal- Who Is She?

A live steamer Ironmouse is yet to reveal her face. She uses animatronic puppet images. The covering face appears to be all the rage among YouTubers and live streamers.

Many well-known celebrities choose to keep their identities covered, & no one understands the actual reason. Ironmouse, a member of the agency VShojo, is another live streamer who does just that.

Many of Ironmouse’s admirers are curious to see what a VTuber and live broadcaster look like in real life. She has, however, never really done one.

She had intended to start a career as an opera singer, but because of common variable immunodeficiency, she was unable to pursue. She quit her job as a model in 2017 to seek a career as a streamer because she felt “lonely and bored.” Later, a Japanese performer inspired Ironmouse to start streaming.

What Is Ironmouse Real Name?

Ironmouse has kept her real name a secret from the general public. She’s gone this far without ever exposing her true identity. She is more famous as Ironmouse in the world rather than her real name. 

Her behaviors are so cheerful and amusing that she never fails to make her chat or streaming companions chuckle.

She was hesitant and only exhibited confidence while streaming alone or with close friends in early 2020. At first, a live streamer was hesitant around other people, but over the following two years, Ironmouse gained enormous confidence.

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Ironmouse Age: Is She From Puerto Rico? 

Ironmouse age is around 25 years old & a live streamer is from Puerto Rico. She is considered the most followed VTuber. 

Ironmouse also became Twitch’s most-subscribed streamer. She had the most active subscribers and eighth-most-watched streamer of all Twitch channels, marking the first time a VTuber cracked the top 10.

Her primary channel received the Silver Creator Award in September 2020 for achieving 100,000 subscribers.

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