Who Is Hayden Kristal? AGT Deaf Comedian Biography Details, Where Is She Actually From?

AGT 2022 participant and deaf comedian Hayden Kristal got positive responses from the judges. Amid it, netizens are curious to find who she actually is.

Hayden Kristal is a rising American deaf comedian and a former zoo keeper. She is receiving recognition for her appearance in the 2022 America’s Got Talent (AGT).

Kristal is also an intersectional accessibility activist and a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Besides, she is dual majored, one in sign language and the other in zoo-keeping.

Hayden has represented numerous colleges and organizations as well. Likewise, she has been featured in Stand Up NBC and has opened up the shows for Maria Bamford.

AGT 2022: Who Is Deaf Comedian Hayden Kristal?

Deaf comedian and ex-zookeeper, Hayden Kristal is a participant in America’s Got Talent (AGT).

She auditioned and brought laughs to the judges and audiences. Since she is deaf, she brought a translator with her so that it would ease the communication.

As soon as Hayden entered the stage, the judges started talking with her. She used sign language to baffle them and then revealed that she was just kidding (not about the sign language part though).

Following that, Kristal called her translator on stage and started performing. She gave an amazing performance and the audience could not hold their laugh at her comedy.

Hayden was selected by all the judges for the next round and she could not seem happier.

Hayden Kristal Age- Where Is She Actually From?

Although Hayden Kristal’s actual age is obscure, she is between 20 to 30 years old.

She is a touring comic who is young, beautiful, and really funny. She holds American nationality and she belongs to the white ethnic race.

Moreover, Kristal actually hails from Brooklyn.

Hayden Kristal Wikipedia Bio Explored

As an upcoming comedian, Hayden Kristal’s bio is yet to be listed on the Wikipedia page.

She studied at a local high school in Brooklyn. Following that, she enrolled at a reputed college and majored in American Sign Language and zoo-keeping.

While Kristal was at college, she applied to work for the Koko Foundation. However, they rejected her because of her hearing disability which is why she has a beef with them.

Hayden was hired by a local zoo where she served as a keeper for some years. She left it in pursuit of a comedy and public speaking career.

As per Kristal’s website, she has been speaking on topics related to diversity and intersectionality. She has represented colleges like Yale and Harvard, and organizations like TEDx and Connecticut Supreme Court.

Moreover, Hayden formerly participated in Stand Up NBC and landed as a semi-finalist. Likewise, she was a finalist at the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s Comedy Writing Mentorship.

Further, Kristal has opened shows for Maria Bamford and she is competent at 2022 AGT.

Details On Hayden Kristal Parents & Family

Hayden Kristal was bred by her loving parents whose details are off the grid.

She has a wonderful family of four including herself. Besides her folks, she has a gorgeous sister who is yet to be identified.

Kristal is bisexual and she has a girlfriend named Pinkie. She is an artist and Hollywood trial guide who goes on the online platforms as @yeehawllywood.

Meet Comic Hayden Kristal On Instagram

Comic Hayden Kristal is active on Instagram as @haydenkristal.

She has amassed 85.3K followers on her account. She uploads short videos and pictures which keeps her followers entertained.