Who Is Fernando Ramos From Buckeye AZ? Internet Identifies The Suspect in The Hit and Run Case

A tragedy happened in North Carolina on Jackrabbit trail on the river road where a 60-year-old man was killed by a driver. Police have arrested Fernando Ramos from Buckeye AZ under suspicion of the murder of the man. 

It is an unfortunate event, as there is one hit-and-run accident that occurs every minute in the US. Moreover, there are 682,000 accidents of hit and run each year.

The devastation and shock felt by the old man’s family might be unfathomable, people are sending their sympathy and prayers to the family for strength during this tough moment.

Who Is Fernando Ramos From Buckeye AZ? Hit And Run Case Suspect Arrested

Fernando Ramos 39, is the suspect who was responsible for the death of an old man. The Old man is identified as George Cooper, he was dead when the authorities reached him.

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Moreover, Fernando was speeding on the highway, and even though George was in a small cycle lane, he was struck by Fernando as he lost control and directly hit George with his momentum.

Once Ramos, hit Cooper, he did not stop to help or look at his condition, as he drove away from the scene but he was later on stopped by the police asking whether his vehicle was damaged.

However, Ramos confessed to his crime as he stated that he did not see George where he was, thus in panic mode, he called his wife who helped him calm his nerves.

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Later, when he was calm as the cops arrested him, he is charged with manslaughter, suspicion of hit-and-run, and death or injury of the victim.

Police did a commendable job by stopping the person who was racing through the road, thus his description and outlook of the vehicle had already been called in by the sheriff with the help of a witness.

Hence, Ramos crashed his Chevrolet truck on Rabbit trail near Beloat Road and killed the old cyclist.