Who Is EvanTubeHD Girlfriend? Age Height And Real Name

EvanTubeHD is an American Youtube channel where YouTuber Evan and his family showcase toys and gadgets.

The channel is one of the first toy-related channels on the platform and started on September 21, 2011, when Evan was only six years old.

Initially, the channel started as a way for young Evan to showcase his Angry Birds franchise-related toys on Youtube, but since then has grown to become a behemoth of a channel that involves his entire family.

Evan’s family includes the following members:

  • His father, Jared, better known as DaddyTube
  • His mother, Alisa, better known as MommyTube, and
  • His sister, Jilian

The channel has seen a lot of growth, and unsurprisingly, the channel’s content has changed a lot as well. After all, Evan is no longer six years old, and as a teenager, the toys he plays with are far different from what he was used to.

Quick Facts About Evan From EvanTubeHD

Age 16
Net Worth $16 Million
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Style Reviews
Videos 889
Subscribers 7.04M
Years Active 2011 – Present

Who Is EvanTubeHD’s Girlfriend?

EvanTubeHD does not seem to have a girlfriend, given that he is only sixteen years old.

Even if he has a girlfriend, the YouTuber and his family have decided not to mention the young boy’s personal life outside of what they show on their videos and other social media platforms.

It’s hard for any young person to be popular on the internet, and many of them succumb to the trappings of fame and get addicted to it.

Evan, through the support of his family, seems to have escaped those trappings, which is impressive because the boy has been in the spotlight for over ten years now.

Though Evan does not have a girlfriend, many fans think he is very cute. The boy is sure to grow up to be beloved by many.

How Old Is EvanTubeHD?

The YouTuber Evan from EvanTubeHD is sixteen years old and was born on December 1, 2005.

Evan started his channel at age six to showcase his love of Angry Birds to the entire world.

He wanted to name his channel Angry Birds 2005 since he liked the Angry Birds franchise, but someone had already taken the name.

As the years have passed by, Evan has greatly changed the style of his channel though it has remained toy based.

Due to being one of the first YouTubers two start his channel as a kid, EvanTubeHD has inspired many other channels starring children. Perhaps the most popular of such channels is Ryan’s World. With 33.4 million subscribers, Ryan’s World has greatly surpassed EvanTubeHD in views, but their content’s influence is very apparent.

How Tall Is EvanTubeHD?

The YouTuber Evan from EvanTubeHD is of average height, 5 feet, and 3 inches tall.

Given that he is sixteen, the boy will grow some more inches in the foreseeable future. He looks like a normal sixteen-year-old teenager, and how he acts is no different than any other boy his age.

His family has done a great job grounding him and making him sensible.

Any other person who has seen the kind of fame he has, and for the years he has seen said fame, the boy could have turned out much different. As it stands, judging from his videos and social media posts, Evan, and his whole family, seem normal, albeit successful.

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What Is EvanTubeHD’s Ethnicity?

The YouTuber Evan from EvanTubeHD is of mixed ethnicity and has diverse descents.

He and his sister, Jillian, are of Chinese, French, German, British, Irish, and Vietnamese ancestry.

It is unknown what part is from which parent, but looking at them both, one can surmise that his father, Jared, is where the Eastern influences are, and his mother, Alisa, is where the more Western influences are.

Due to the mixed bag of his ethnicity, Evan looks very distinct, though his looks have been said to be swayed more to the Asian side of his heritage.

The boy has not talked much about his ethnicity, given he is sixteen, but perhaps he will explore it more as he grows older. He was born and raised in America regardless of where his family is from. Pennsylvania, to be more specific.

What Is EvanTubeHD’s Real Name?

The YouTuber Evan from EvanTubeHD and his family have not released their last names to the public.

Perhaps due to privacy concerns, or just for security, the entire family either goes by their first names or monikers like DaddyTube and MommyTube for the parents.

Their fears came to fruition when the family’s Youtube channel was hacked in December 2021.

An anonymous hacker hacked two of Evan’s channels, EvanTubeHD and The Tube Family. The hacker changed the channel’s name and unlisted all the videos. They then put up a live stream on a Micro Strategy.

Thankfully, the family got the channels back, but Youtube removed them again for violating guidelines. However, since the hacker violated the guidelines, the channel was reinstated.

Some websites wrongfully state that their last name is Moana.

How Much Is EvanTubeHD’s Net Worth?

The EvanTubeHD channel has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2022.

The YouTuber and his family have earned the bulk of their wealth from their YouTube Channel, which started more than a decade ago on September 21, 2011.

The channel posted its first video on the same date as when it started the channel, and since then, the family has released 889 videos and amassed 7.04 million subscribers.

The video with the highest views on his channel is 144 million; of the 889 videos uploaded, 510 have reached or surpassed a million views. Given that the channel has been active for over ten years, it is no surprise that they have amassed so many views.

However, their length is not the only reason behind their views, as EvanTubeHD could have reached the success they’ve enjoyed for over a decade without the aid and enthusiasm of the entire family.

Evan might be the star, but the channel belongs to his family as much as it does to him. If one were to look at the five most popular videos on his channel, four contain his sister, and one is just his sister alone.

One of the reasons why the channel has enjoyed such success is because of the family element that many toy-based channels have since tried to replicate, with Ryan’s World being the most successful one.

However, none of them can come close to the level of synchronicity that EvanTubeHD shows in how each family member brings to the table, especially regarding their chemistry. They truly deserve their high net worth.

How Does EvanTubeHD Make Money?

With the views they get on their main channel alone, EvanTubeHD makes money primarily through YouTube.

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The channel existed long enough to be there when Youtube started paying its content creators through AdSense. Through Adsense, YouTube pays its content creators $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views. This method is EvanTubeHD’s primary source of income.

With multiple videos that have passed a million views and one that has even passed a hundred million views, it’s no surprise the Youtube channel has reached a net worth of $16 million. The channel has amassed 4,513,885,194 total views, and with the total view count in the billions, one can imagine that the channel has made a pretty penny.

Does EvanTube HD Have Any Side Channels?

Then all the side channels exist within the Evan Family universe. The side channels are:

  • The Tube Family
  • JillianTubeHD
  • EvanTubeGaming
  • DTSings
  • DT’s Geek Show
  • TubeEverything

The first channel, The Tube Family, is a vlog channel that showcases the family traveling to various places and consists of the whole family, as per the name. The channel has amassed 3.87 million subscribers.

The second channel, JillianTubeHD, consists of content created by Evan’s sister Jillian. The content is not streamlined and consists of anything that catches Jillian’s fancy. The channel has amassed 1.71 million subscribers.

The third channel, EvanTubeGaming, as the name suggests, is a gaming channel. As of the writing of this article, Evan makes content revolving around Minecraft on the channel.

However, he has played many different games throughout the history of the channel, from Skylanders to Angry Birds and many more. The channel has amassed 1.87 million subscribers.

The fourth and fifth channels, DTSings and DT’s Geek Show, belong to DaddyTube. He performs renditions of different cartoon musical songs and showcases his many toys in the latter. DTSings has amassed 148K, and DT’s Geek Show has amassed 75.2K subscribers.

Lastly, TubeEverything collects all classic content from EvanTubeHD. The channel was only recently created and had 20.2K subscribers.

EvanTubeHD’s Career Earnings

Strictly looking at the views from his main channel, EvanTubeHD has made $54,166,622 in its career.

However, the amount is calculated by calculating their total views against the $12 per 1000 monetized views. As such, the above amount is a conjectured one as their actual earnings are not currently known.

However, regardless of what number in the $2-$12 they fall under, the EvanTubeHD has still amassed a sizeable amount of money just from their main channel.

Then there are all their side channels. Here are the total views garnered from each of them:

  • The Tube Family has a total of 2,563,701,683 views
  • JillianTubeHD has a total of 477,431,519 views
  • EvanTubeGaming has a total of 543,896,374 views
  • DTSings has a total of 7,827,947 views
  • DT’s Geek Show has a total of 3,423,742 views
  • TubeEverything has a total of 143,469 views

If each of these videos is calculated with $12 per 1000 monetized views, then their total earnings come out to:

  • The Tube Family has earned $30,764,420
  • JillianTubeHD has earned $5,729,178
  • EvanTubeGaming has earned $6,526,756
  • DTSings has earned $93,935
  • DT’s Geek Show has earned $41,084
  • TubeEverything has earned $1,721

Calculating these approximated amounts, the EvanTubeHD family has made roughly $97,323,716.

Plus, this amount is only based on their views alone. They also earn through sponsorships and paid promotions.

Their actual earnings could be in the hundreds of millions.

Some FAQs

What Is EvanTubeHD’s Real Name?

His full name isn’t known but Even is his real first name

Is EvanTubeHD Run By His Parents?

The channel is run by Evan and his father

What Ethnicity Is EvanTubeHD?

He is of mixed ethncity.