Who Is Emma Walters? Facts To Know About John Setka Wife

Emma Walters is a prolific lawyer aside from being known as the wife of the trade unionist John Setka. Get all the latest updates on her life here!

Emma Walters is an Australian lawyer. She is predominantly known as the wife of John Setka, a trade unionist.

He is currently serving as the Victorian State Secretary of Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining, Energy Union at Construction & General Division.

Aside from her lush career and power in society, Emma has often gained media attention for her marriage.

Her marriage with John has hit rock bottom for some years that has become hot news every time.

Emma Walters Lawyer: Meet John Setka Wife

Emma Walters is a lawyer, that too, a high-profiled due to her connections to her husband, John.

She is not an unknown name to the media since her marriage with the trade expert.

Likewise, Emma and John’s married life is often the subject of extensive media attention to the ongoing indifferences among them. In June 2019,  John was found guilty of using a carriage service to harass Emma. He was left with the services of a 12-month good behavior bond.

Even so, Emma later complained that he was verbally abusive and sent her abusive text messages and phone calls.

As of today, Emma has again come forward with the claims of domestic assault against John. The pictures of herself with marks on her forehead have gone viral.

She has revealed that John had grabbed her head and repeatedly hit her on a table. She also opened up about the security of herself and her children from her husband.

Emma Walters Age Revealed

Emma Walters’s current age appears to be in her 40s to 50s by scanning through her pictures. Meanwhile, there are no reports on her precise birth date as of yet.

She has been facing a tough time in her marriage with her 56-year-old husband, John.

Meet Emma Walters Family

Emma Walters lives her family of four that includes her husband and two children. Considering the ongoing matters, she has separated from her husband for the time being.

Meanwhile, the complete insiders on her children are not accessible at the moment.

Her father-in-law is Bob Setka, one of the few laborers who survived the West Gate Bridge collapse in 1970.

What Is Emma Walters Job?

Emma’s current job is to serve as the Electoral Officer at the office of the MP Adem Somyurek of Victoria. She has been fulfilling her duties to the MP since August 2019, per her LinkedIn profile.

Know Emma Walters Net Worth

The wife of the CFMEU secretary, Emma, holds her net worth of around $1 million as a bountiful law associate. She also holds respectable ground in the Australian media and connections.

However, she has not opened up about her earnings and personal assets value at the moment.