Who Is Ellie Dressler On Tiktok? Golf Course Workers Gets Famous On Social Media

An up-and-rising TikToker, Ellie Dressler has made her debut, taking everyone through her everyday life as a golf cart girl.

The young girl walks her audience through her life as she shows us what her job as a golf cart girl or bartender comprises.

Let us learn more about the young rising TikToker and learn a few tips she had for us in her TikTok videos.

Tiktok: Who Is Ellie Dressler?

Ellie Dressler is a young American girl who started her TikTok journey in May as a golf cart girl. She started working as a golf cart girl to vlog her experiences working at a golf cart since it was the latest trend on TikTok.

Dressler goes on TikTok by the username elliegrace.l and has over 40.7 k followers with over 255.5 k likes. She documents her time working at the golf course and her experiences while working there.

Sharing her accurate, unfiltered observations at her job at the golf course and the money she earns from her said the job has made her a unique must-watch TikToker on the platform.

Age Of The TikToker

Ellie Dressler, best known as the golf cart girl on TikTok, is a 20-year-old girl taking over the video-sharing app with her job diary videos.

It has not been long since the young lady joined TikTok and has already amassed a vast audience. She searched for the position of the golf course cart girl after seeing the trend on TikTok.

After scouring through her nearest golf courses, her ninth find was the one where she is currently working with shifts that last around four to six hours a day.

The 20-year-old shared that her job typically revolves around stocking the golf carts for the customers with drinks and ice and catering to the customers.

Does Ellie Dressler Have A Boyfriend?

Based on her social media, Ellie Dressler does not have a boyfriend yet, and it seems the young influencer is more focused on her current job as an influencer and a golf cart girl.

Dressler shared that she makes 16 dollars an hour from her job plus tips as a cart girl. Her TikTok has also grown significantly, with more than forty thousand followers.

She is probably focusing more on her career on TikTok, trying to put out more quality content on her account. Since she is so active on her social media, Ellie would post about her boyfriend, too, if she was in a relationship.

Instagram Of The Golf Course Cart Girl

Ellie Dressler’s fame on TikTok has also led her to gain more followers on her other social media, like her Instagram, where she goes by the username @elliegrace.l.

Her Instagram bio states that she is from Maine in the New England region of the United States, which has many golf courses for her to enjoy her golf cart girl journey.

Although her Instagram is private, she states that she posts behind-the-scenes pics and stories from her life as a golf cart girl.

Dressler has over 1928 followers with 17 posts and is slowly gaining more followers with her TikTok videos going viral.