Who Is Dusty Rose From Perth? Antoinette Aleisha Winmar Stabbing Case

Dusty Rose died at the Caversham Caravan Park in Perth’s northeast last year. Her neighbor brutally stabbed her for no particular reason.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, the court charged the killer of Rose, Antoinette Aleisha Winmar. Continue to know more about the compelling case.

RIP: Who Is Dusty Rose From Perth?

Dusty Rose was a 22-year-old young woman. She was a resident of Perth, North East Australia.

Rose was the neighbor of Antoinette Aleisha Winmar, a 31-year-old pregnant woman. She also knew Winmar’s 51-year-old partner, Joseph Cooper.

The 22-year-old’s other close ones described her as a lovely girl who cared for others. Similarly, Rose’s mom, Cheryl Francis, has described her daughter as “a strong vibrant life force.” While many friends say, she was an angel.

One of her friends, Elise Hedvega, says: ‘My heart hurts for this situation, the missed chances and the loss of someone I once cared for.’ 

Similarly, an admirer has written: ‘RIP Dusty Rose. You were so kind and fun. So sorry I didn’t get to know you more before you passed. You deserved better.’

Dusty Rose Stabbing Case Explained

Dusty Rose got stabbed by Antoinette Aleisha Winmar at a caravan park after she had tried to break up a couple’s fight.

Rose had intervened in a dispute between Winmar and her partner. She tried to help the couples who were living next to her home.

However, after Rose left the scene, Winmar took two steak knives and went to Rose’s area. She stabbed and punctured her heart and lungs. 

After the incident, Rose was taken to the nearest medical facilities; she died two days later after being transferred to the Royal Perth Hospital.

Rose’s situation was very critical. Her organs needed to be sewn together due to her severe injuries. Sadly, the doctors had to take off her life support.

Dusty Rose Killer Antoinette Aleisha Handed Prison For Life- Her Charges & More

Dusty Rose’s murderer Antoinette Aleisha Winmar receives a life sentence. She will be in prison for at least 16 years before becoming eligible for release in 2037.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, Supreme Court Justice Bruno Fiannaca defined the attack as a senseless act of violence. She said that Winmar showed no sympathy before stabbing an innocent young man. Also, the killer was fully aware of what she was doing.

Fiannaca said the attack happened just after Rose arrived at the park after 30 minutes, all because the young lady tried to calm the situation. Eventually, Winmar screamed, “I am going to get you, I am going to kill you,” then stabbed Ms. Rose in the chest, puncturing her lung and heart.

Winrar was nearly five months pregnant at the time of the crime. She was having a dispute with the father of her baby about a paternity test. In a statement given by Winrar’s partner, he said that Winrar was drunk. She was furious and agitated.

The court reporter has also revealed that 31-year-old Winrar was affected by methamphetamine and cannabis. She had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and a learning disorder.

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