Who Is Dufrenne Sanne? Meet Hockey Player Kim Lammers Partner

Dufrenne Sanne is the partner of a popular field hockey player, Kim Lammers as it seems they have been together for quite a long time.

They tied the knot with each other in the year 2011 and since then they have been living together sharing joy and sorrow as a partner.

Similarly, although they have been in a nuptial bond for around a decade now, they are yet to become parents and we came to know, they love children very much.

How Old Is Dufrenne Sanne? Her Age 

Dufrenne Sanne must be around 40 – 45 years old looking at her pictures as her exact date of birth is unknown and she is not present on Wikipedia.

As her partner, Kim is currently 40 years old, we assume she must also be around the same age and she was born and grew up in Amsterdam.

Apparently, she became a part of Trajectum college in 1990 and she became a graduate in 1997 and then went to Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

After completing her 1st-year bachelors degree in logistics and economics, she finished the rest of her degree in Communication and Information.

Find Dufrenne Sanne On Instagram 

No, Dufrenne Sanne is not present on Instagram as of now but we can find her partner Kim on it under @lammerskim.

We can find her spending time with her partner and family whenever she is away from the work but from the Instagram handle of Dufrenne herself.

Likewise, we came to know that, they love to travel together to various different places and explore new things as well as new places frequently.

In spite of finding her on Instagram, she is actually present on another media handle Twitter under @sannedufrenne where she is active quite often.

Get To Know More About Dufrenne Sanne Wiki Bio

There are sparsely few things to know about the bio of Dufrenne Sanne as we are unable to find her having her own Wikipedia page yet.

She was born in Amsterdam, Netherland where she grew up with her family and siblings and she was also a sports enthusiast from her childhood.

Although it seems she could not convert her passion for sports into the profession, she is currently active as a project manager in an  IT company, bGrid.

Before that, she was under the association of several other organizations from where she has been making quite a decent income too.