Who Is Duax Ngakuru? 

Duax Ngakuru is a New Zealand citizen who is alleged to import large quantities of drugs into the country. He left Australia in 2010 to live in Turkey to send drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, and MDMA into New Zealand.

Furthermore, he has been charged with conspiracy to money launder $6 million for an alleged organized crime group.

The globally coordinated raids took place last month and around 40 people were arrested. They were charged with serious drug smuggling and money laundering offenses in New Zealand.

The main figure, Duax has managed to evade police a week after the so-called sting of the century. 

The members of the Comancheros, Waikato Mongrel Mob, and Head Hunter’s motorcycle gangs were among 35 people arrested. 

If Ngakuru was ever arrested, he would face charges in New Zealand of importing drugs, money laundering, and participating in an organized criminal group.

Explore Duax Ngakuru Wikipedia And Age 

Wikipedia has yet to establish information on Duax Ngakuru. But when we search the web by his name, The Comanchero Motorcycle Club appears, an outlaw motorcycle gang in Australia.

The club was founded by former soldier Jock Ross on the principles of brotherhood, respect, and loyalty. Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi took over the club after viciously assaulting Ross.

Duax is related to the Comanchero boss Mick Hawi as he was the lieutenant to him. Now he himself is the gang boss of Comanchero.

He is a 41-year-old fugitive who is wanted by the FBI. The Department of Justice has released an indictment by his name.

It alleges he was among a select group of criminals who distributed the Anom communication devices effectively setting up their own associates.

Anom was designed by criminals for the purpose of facilitating global drug trafficking and money laundering without being detected by law enforcement, according to the FBI.

There are at least 9500 Anom devices in use worldwide. Anom has generated the criminals millions of dollars in the criminal activity of transnational criminal organizations and protecting these organizations from law enforcement since October 2019.

Who is Duax Ngakuru Wife And Family?

The information of Duax Ngakuru’s wife and family can not be found. She has hidden them quite well. 

A picture has surfaced on the net of him with a lady but the woman in the picture is a former boss of the Comanchero, Mick Hawi’s wife, Carolina Gonzalez.

He has a cousin named Shane Ngakuru who is a fugitive. If he is arrested and convicted in the United States he faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Where Is Duax Ngakuru Now?

Duax Ngakuru is nowhere to be found as he successfully evaded the authorities a week after the so-called sting of the century. 

His cousin, Shane Ngakuru is believed to be living in Thailand and is wanted by the FBI as an alleged distributor of the Anom devices but he himself has disappeared.