Who Is Desmond Shum Wife?

Duan Weihong, also known as Whitney Duan, is Desmond’s ex-wife. 

She is a Chinese billionaire and entrepreneur who has gone missing and is suspected of being kept captive by Chinese government investigators on corruption charges.

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The Chinese government had placed a travel ban on her before her arrest at the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing, which she owned.

According to a 2018 New York Times story, Duan was jailed in 2017, presumably connected with an anti-corruption probe into Sun Zhengcai. Still, the Chinese government has made no formal admission.

Desmond Shum Bio: Is He On Wiki?

Desmond’s bio is already listed on Wikipedia, where facts about his works are compiled for his target audience as a well-known author in China.

As previously noted, he is the writer of Red Roulette. He reveals his experience working in senior positions in Chinese corporations and the Guanxi with persons in the Chinese government and the ruling Communist Party to ensure successful business deals.

He explains the extensive and systemic corruption that permeates the Chinese Communist Party’s relationship with private industry, as well as the party’s and government’s ensuing high level of influence over a private company.

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Desmond Shum Age: How Old Is He?

As per Simon & Schuster, Shum, born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong, designed the Beijing Airport Cargo Terminal, China’s largest air cargo logistics facility.

A Chinese Arthur is currently 52 years old. However, his exact birth date is unknown on the internet. We will update it for our readers if we can find his date of birth.

What Is Desmond Shum Net Worth?

According to The Richest, Arthurs have an average net worth of $1 million to $1.5 million.

And, because Desmond is well-known in China, he may be able to earn a good livelihood.

Nonetheless, his exact net worth is currently unknown. Perhaps, once the details about his earnings are revealed, we will be the first to make them available to our readers.