Who Is Debbie Staley? Jes Staley Wife and Daughter Alexa Staley – Net Worth Revealed

Jes Staley’s wife Debbie Staley is an interior design expert and manager at Debora Interiors Inc. Find out more about the pair. 

Debbie Staley is the famous wife of businessman Jes Staley.

The 64 years old Macchachutes bade entrepreneur married Debbie Staley, and the pair has two daughters and lives with the family in New York now.

Jes made quite a name out of himself after he served for JPMorgan company for over 30 years.

The banker turned businessman has also worked previously as the CEO of Barclays.

Jes did his BA from Bowdoin College and has worked as the Board member of the Institute of International Finance and the American Museum Of Natural History.

He was raised in Boston, where his father was the CEO of a chemical company and then relocated to Pennsylvania.

Debbie meanwhile works as a professional interior design expert and serves as the executive board of her design firm called Debora Staley Interiors Inc.

Who Is Jes Staley’s Wife Debbie Staley?

Jes Staley has been married to his partner of a long time, Debbie Staley, a professional interior design expert and runs her own design company by the name of Debora-Staley Interiors Inc.

Jes and Debbie started dating after they first met in Brazil when Debbie was just 19 years old and still a design student.

She also co-founded the Aceco Data Company, later sold to KKR in 2014. She partnered with her own brother Jorge Nitzan in the company.

After she moved out of her previous business company shares, her brother was indicted of financial fraud as KKR, the new investor and owner of Aceco, witnessed a serious downgrade in the company revenues.

Post their marriage, the pair had their honeymoon in Caribbean Island and named their later furnished boat after the island spot ‘Bequia.’

Bequia was the solo design of Debbie and her Interiors Design company.

Debbie has been the backbone of the Boston origin and New York-based banker, Jes Staley, since her 20s, and their marriage bond seems to be full post their official tie-knot.

A Look At Jes Staley’s Daughter Alexa Staley

Jes’s elder daughter Alexa Staley graduated from the same college as him.

The Bowdoin graduate of Magna cum laude of Class of 2011 has been pretty successful in her career.

She also has a Ph.D. from Columbia University and worked for Airware, a Drone setup and repair company.

She also worked for the groundbreaking Gravitational Wave detection lab working on binary black hole motions.

Before her physics wandering, she was busy trading and analyzing Tudor Investment and Spinnaker Capital company finances.

Jes Staley lives in a nuclear family with his wife Debbie and their two daughters in his New York residence home.

Jes’s younger daughter Sophia Staley has been working as the General IRC Member.

Sophia graduated from the reputed and top-tier Brown University.

Jes Staley Net Worth Revealed

Jes Staley takes in a base salary of $4 million alone in the year 2021.

His business bonuses and incentives, and other benefits also add a lot to his value portfolio. His estimated net worth of 2021 is $10 million.

He was recently fined for giving money to reveal the identity of a whistleblower regarding the latest frauds.