Who Is Dan Dotson From Storage Wars? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Him

Dan Dotson is one of the returning contestants of Storage Wars. He has been taking part in the reality series for more than ten seasons. Here are a few facts about the reality TV star.

Dan Datson is a pioneer auctioneer. He, along with his wife, runs an operating company named American Auctioneers. He is most famous for being a cast member of the show Storage Wars.

In an auction-based program, contestants compete against each other to see who can make more money. They compare their earnings from the auctions or tradeoffs made to what they spent on their bought storage unit.

Who is Dan Dotson From Storage Wars? – His Wikipedia page Explored

Dan Dotson is an auctioneer who will be seen in the season 13 installment of the reality tv competition series. He is also a well-known auctioneer. He has been running the auction business for more than four decades now.

In 2018 alone, he sold a storage unit that held USD 7.5 million in cash safely in a safe. We can say he is an experienced auctioneer who has been in the business since he was just a teen boy.

Dotson’s grandfather was reputed to own his own auction house. His grandfather, Sam Fancher, used to auction farm animals and farm in the Ozark Mountains region located in Northwest Arkansas.

We can assume that his grandfather was one of the most significant influences for him to pursue the line of business.

The auctioneer will make an appearance in the new installment of the A&E reality tv show Storage Wars. His life partner will join him in this pursuit.

Dan Dotson from Storage Wars Age Revealed

Dan Dotson’s age has been revealed to be 58-years-old. As per his Wikipedia page, he is a California native and was born on 13 November 1962.

He was being involved in this line of business since his teenage years. We are sure the star has accounted millions to his name. His precise net worth has yet to be calculated and made public.

Who is Dan Dotson From Storage Wars Wife?

Dan Dotson has been in marital bliss with Laura Dotson for a very long time now. The couple even shares a 23-year-old son.

He and his wife opened their auctioning business in 1974. As recorded in the parade, only after being a part of the show did the couple get to spend some quality time together.

Before that, the couple would have to travel hundreds of miles every day alone. They would only meet at night time tired.