Who Is Daja0071? Learn Everything About Tiktok Star

Daja0071 on TikTok is a content creator. She posts lip sync videos and dancing videos. Learn everything about her.

People enjoy her content as her posts on lip-syncing, dancing on her TikTok appears to be funny and enjoyable.

She spreads positivity as even in her IG intro, she has mentioned no need for negativity, just scroll.

The TikTok star has proved herself by her content which makes others enjoy and laugh.

Who is Daja0071? Her Real name and Bio

Daja0071 is a social media influencer. She entertains her fans and followers with her fun-loaded content.

She has 120.8K followers and has accumulated 9.5K likes in her TikTok to date.  Her TikTok account username is @dana0071.

Her TikTok account shows she makes videos on trending songs. So, she is trend base presenter.

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The Social media personality’s real name is Daan but her surname has not been released yet. Dana0071 is her stage name.

She has posted an introduction video on YouTube that says the following details;

Name: Daan

Age: 50

Favorite Color: Blue

Height: 1.75

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Lover: No

Nationality: Netherlands

How old is the TikTok Star?

She must be fifty as per what her YouTube intro shares as we mentioned earlier and her Tiktok bio, states 50 and fabulous.

This makes her birth year to be 1971. And her birthday is on April 21.

Learn about her family and a Husband

Daja0071 hasn’t revealed much about her family and personal life. So the members of her family are unknown.

She has kept her personal life to herself and talks very little about it only if it is needed like in the QA session.

As per her Instagram QA session, he mentioned herself to be single. Also in her TikTok, her reply was no to having a lover.

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But she had also shared her happiness are on her daughter and pets. This concludes her to be a single mother.

She is a perfect example of self-love and completeness in herself. As per her, ‘Dance like no one is watching.’

Is she on Instagram?

Yes, the star is also on Instagram under username @daja0071. She has got 18.4K followers.

She has inserted the link for her linktree on her Instagram. She is active on Instagram but hasn’t earned fans, like on TikTok.

Besides TikTok and Instagram, she has Twitter with not many followers and YouTube Channel.

How much the TikTok Star makes? Her Net Worth

Her net worth is not shared by any of the media. Her capital is not known to us.

However, she must be making some handsome amount out of social media.  If not now sooner in future she could earn much.