Who is Corinthia Edwards? Bio, Woman in Pastor David E Wilson Eats Box Video and Husband

Corinthia Edwards Bio

Corinthia Edwards has been recognized as the lady in Pastor David Wilson‘s eating the case video according to Tweeps and on Facebook. Minister Wilson is the chief minister of Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. The video was discharged on October sixteenth, 2019 and demonstrates the minister playing out a sex follow up on a lady.

Corinthia Edwards Age

Corinthia’s age is still not known to the public. We will be sure to update you if any information on her age arises.

Corinthia Edwards Husband

Her husband is not known to the public yet has she has not revealed any personal details and all her social medias have been erased since the video went viral on Friday 18th October 2019.

Corinthia Edwards Pastor David E. Wilson Eats Box Video

Minister David E. Wilson was the #1 drifting subject on Twitter on Friday morning, October eighteenth – after a video that seems to demonstrate the minister giving oral administrations to a lady released on the web. The video is realistic to the point that we are not giving a connection. However, here’s a Twitter search of “Minister Wilson” – LINK TO SEARCH. You can likewise look at it on famous x-evaluated sites via looking through Pastor Wilson.

In an Instagram video posted that day, The righteous man who said before anybody denounces him for having ‘last dinner’ with a lovely Black lady, they ought to have the option to accomplish all the beneficial things he’s accomplished for his locale.

In the video, he winds up utilizing the F word on every one of the individuals scrutinizing him for having the short ‘last dinner.’

Minister Wilson is a hitched man and has a family. A photograph posted by a client on Facebook demonstrates the lady in a photograph with Pastor Wilson and his significant other.

Pastor David E Wilson on the Eat Box Video

Corinthia Edwards Motive

It isn’t clear why Corinthia uncovered her minister. Numerous hypotheses have poped via web-based networking media with regards to the thought process of discharging the video. One which looks convincing cases that she imparted the video to a companion and her companion spilled it.

Corinthia is being alluded by various clients as Sister Corinthia Edwards an assemble of Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc.

Corinthia Edwards Facebook Account

Corinthia has since erased her web based life accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. Some phony records have anyway sprung up with a comparable name.

We have the screen capture of the Facebook profile taken before she erased her record.