Texas A&M QB | Conner Weigman Age And Height- Who Are His Parents?

Texas A&M quarterback Conner Weigman was born in 2004, making him 18 years old.

Growing up in  Cypress, Texas, he is the son of Chad and Jacqui Weigman. He got his secondary education from Bridgeland High School, the star quarterback.

His journey is one for the history books as he was on his way to becoming a Major League Baseball draft as a high school senior.

Indeed, considered as one of the best players in the state, he changed career paths to join football.

Besides, the dramatic change in trajectory did not come as a loss as he is excelling at an unprecedented rate.

Is Conner Weigman Dating Anybody- Girlfriend Revealed

Conner Weigman is not dating anyone, let alone having a wife. Indeed, he poured all his passions into his works and keeps his distance from females.

Since he signed the agreement to Texas A&M, he has not strayed away from his focus.

News sites have analyzed his height and robust build as one of his plus points as his arms have an engine-like strength.

Who Is Conner Weigman- Meet Him On Instagram

Conner Weigman is available on Instagram with the account handle connerweigman. Here, he has a fan following of 13.8k people. The player uses the account as a medium to communicate with his thousands of fans.

He took Instagram to celebrate his commitment to the university through a picture at signing.

Indeed, he has a close group of friends with whom he shares all of his troubles. 

Moreover, when asked about his hobbies, he named fishing and hunting his favorite pass times.

Conner Weigman Net Worth Explored- What Does He Do?

As of 2022, the net worth of Conner Weigman is still under evaluation, but we are sure he will hit the million soon.

The athlete set foot in the Football world only in his sophomore year in high school. A baseball player by birth, he was able to get honors in his junior years. He finished the year with a whopping 44 touchdowns and became a part of the Elite 11 quarterback camp.

Critics couldn’t stop raving about his talent and athleticism as he chose to commit to Texas A&M in his senior year of school.

As he was still playing baseball on the side, he decided to completely give up his hard work to transition into the sport.