Who Is Cloecouture? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Cloe Breena Feldman, formerly known online as CloeCouture, is a former YouTuber and vlogger.

She first became a YouTube beauty guru who made videos about makeup and fashion. She joined YouTube on January 25, 2011, and has released 353 videos so far. She has amassed more than six million subscribers on her main channel, which used to be called CloeCouture. 

The most popular video on her channel has reached 35 million views. Of the 353 videos uploaded on her channel, 182 have reached or surpassed a million views.

She caused a mild uproar when she quit her channel in 2020. She uploaded a video entitled “Goodbye Youtube, and Thank You” on February 14, 2020, and disappeared. As of June 24, 2022, she is back but now goes by simply Cloe and is a music artist. She released her first single, Apollo, on July 21, 2022.

Quick Info

$1.5 Million
Youtuber, Singer
June 23, 1997
Challenges & Beauty
January 24, 2011
2011 – Present

Who Is CloeCouture?

The former YouTuber and now music artist CloeCouture was born on June 23, 1997, in Florida.

Her full name is Cloe Feldman. She joined Youtube on January 25, 2011, when she was 13 years old, and immediately started making videos. Unfortunately, her account was hacked, and all the videos she made during the first two years of her channel have been deleted and cannot be recovered.

The oldest video on her channel is from July 10, 2013, and is called “4th of July Outfit Ideas!” Her initial videos consisted of DIY outfit ideas and how to style them, with the first one being a bikini.

Soon she supplemented her DIY outfit videos with makeup tutorials alongside styling her room. For the next couple of years, her content consisted of Makeup, DIY outfits, jewelry, styling herself, her room, and various contents within her room.

Success came early for her as within a year of making her Youtube channel, she was featured in a September 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal called Mixing Makeup for the Webcam.

Around this time, she also created an Instagram, which had more than a million followers at one point, but now only 926K followers due to her departure. She has posted 1,907 posts on the social media platform.

Cloe’s content revolved around makeup and DIY fashion for many years as she started diversifying and excelling at her craft. She started incorporating her friends into her videos more and taking fan requests and inspiration.

One strategy she employed that rapidly increased her views was creating videos inspired by popular culture. For example, she would make a video where the makeup or clothing was completely inspired by a popular music video, such as “Selena Gomex – Come and Get It Official Music Video Inspired Makeup.”

By using the full title of the music video as a part of her title, the algorithm would post her video alongside the music video when people searched for it.

As the years went by, she only got better at employing this strategy, and what especially gravitated people towards such videos was that they felt more inspired than clickbaity.

People’s feelings toward the Youtuber added a lot to her appeal. Many of her fans initially were people her age or slightly younger than her. As Cloe grew up, her fans grew alongside her, and their bond grew.

Following the history of her Youtube videos will show that 2015-2016 was the height of her powers as every other video hit a million views or surpassed it.

She diversified her content more, made it focused on school to add another layer of relatability to them, and in a crowning moment of content creating genius, started her reality show called iDateCloeCouture, which ran for four episodes.

The show was successful, with each video racking in more than a million views. Cloe also started making skits and incorporating her family into her videos.

Why Did CloeCouture Leave YouTube?

As mentioned earlier, CloeCouture left YouTube in 2020 because she felt unsatisfied.

According to the video, the YouTuber no longer felt fulfilled making Youtube videos. Though most of her fans were shocked, some astute ones saw this coming long ago.

Cloe’s content had changed drastically since her early days. She had long since stopped making makeup and DIY videos and had focused more on challenges and vlogging.

Though her heart was still in fashion, the content she was making was so far removed from it that although she was racking in millions of views per video, it didn’t matter as Cloe felt like she wasn’t doing enough.

The last couple of videos the YouTube released before leaving had to do with her trying to find an ideal life and way of living. Her sister had also had a baby, so perhaps that made her think about her life.

So, she felt unfulfilled in what she was doing and saw that, unlike her sister, she wasn’t happy. The other shoe had dropped, and CloeCouture left for good for a long time.

Why Did CloeCouture Come Back To Youtube?

On June 24, 2022, Cloe returned to her main channel and released a video explaining that she was back.

The video was titled “It’s been a while since you last saw me…| Ep 1.” The fact that it was the first episode intrigued many fans, who started wondering if this would be a series of explanations by the former Youtuber.

And they were right. Cloe released three more episodes wherein she explained that after her last video, she completely uprooted her life and moved to Bali, Indonesia.

She had different adventures in Bali, such as living in a bamboo house in the middle of the jungle and then in an artist community. Though she was back, Cloe wouldn’t be doing the sort of content that she used to. She wanted to focus on her music career now.

To that end, a month after her fourth and final episode explaining her escapades, the former Youtuber released her first single, and as of the writing of this article, only song, “Apollo.”

The videos she released after the song have all been related to it. Such as:

  • A story of the song, explaining how it came about and what it means
  • A lyric video
  • A video of her friends and family reacting to the video
  • An official music video, and
  • A behind-the-scenes video

A Look At CloeCouture’s Family

Former YouTuber CloeCouture is very close with her family, who have appeared on her videos from time to time.

She has three siblings named Mia, Sage, and Ezra. Before she left YouTube, she featured Mia heavily in her videos for a year. The reason was that Mia had been pregnant, and Cloe was very content with Mia’s pregnancy. Mia gave birth to a daughter named Hazel with her then-boyfriend, Spencer.

Unfortunately, after Hazel’s birth, Spencer and Mia broke up in 2020. Perhaps the biggest tragedy in Cloe’s life happened in 2016 when she lost her mother to cancer in February. She often talked about the loss on her channel and still holds her mother dear to her heart.

CloeCouture’s Net Worth In 2022

Former Youtuber CloeCouture has a net worth estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2022.

She has amassed the bulk of her wealth through her Youtube channel. She was one of the most popular Youtube Beauty and Makeup channels back in her heyday, and she regularly racked up millions of views on her video.

She has received 1,060,577,307 views on her channel since its inception, not counting the videos she lost in her first two years.

She also received a lot of sponsorship deals during her time and must’ve raked in a pretty penny through all of them. She has earned enough money to live a comfortable life, evident by the fact that she up and moved to Bali at a moment’s notice and lived there comfortably for more than a year.

She is currently trying to kickstart her music career, and though it looks to be a slow start, the sky is the limit for the once queen of beauty channels.