Who Is Chris Taylor Fiance Mary Keller?

Mary Keller is the fiance of Chris Taylor, one of the Los Angeles Dodgers players. Mary is believed to be in relation with Chris since August of the last year.

The couple got engaged about two days ago. Chris asked Mary to marry him when they were on the trip to Hawaii. The engagement was a surprise to Mary; she can be seen surprised in the pictures posted on Instagram.

Much information about Mary is not publicly available because she came into the limelight only after being involved with one of the most loved baseball players of this time, Chris.

Mary Keller Age: How Old Is She? Wiki Bio 

Mary Keller’s age is around 25 to 31 years old. The accurate age of Mary is not publicly disclosed, but it can be expected that she is in her 20s or her early 30s.

According to rumors, she has been in a relationship with Chris Taylor for nearly two years, but the couple still has not shared the details regarding their love life with the public.

Chris’s fans are eager to know about their dating life. In the past, Chris’s names were also connected to many other women, but those relationships never reached to point it got public acceptance from Chris.

Mary Keller is engaged with 31 years old baseball player Chris Taylor. She is from Hawaii. She is an American, but many people speculate that she shares an Asian ancestry, but she has never confirmed this.

Before engagement, Mary and Chris were very open about their relationship, indirectly implying that they are not available and were happy with each other.

Mary is an extremely supportive woman. She used to attend many games of Chris to cheer and show her support to her man. The couple is excited to take their relationship to the next level.

Chris Taylor Engaged Photos On Instagram

Chris Taylor and Mary Keller took Instagram to share their engagement photo. With their followers, the couple shared one of the happiest moments of their life.

He wrote that he is excited to live his life with her, making him happy. Mary said she loves him.

The couple has a very large following on Instagram. Chris has over 224,000 followers and goes with handle ctaylor_3. Mary has over 12,000 followers and goes by the handle mary_e.k.