Who Is Chris Dawson’s Wife, Joanne Curtis? Murder Trial Over Death Of Lynette Dawson

Chris Dawson married his wife Joanne Curtis in 1984 and divorced in 1993. More on his extremely complex married life controversy and career details here.

Chris Dawson, also popularly recognized as Christopher Michael Dawson, is a former Australian rugby league player who has played exceptionally in the 1970s with the Newton Jets football league club.

Moreover, Chris is also a retired teacher based in Sydney.

Did you know? Chris’s first marriage with Lynette Joy Dawson lasted for 13 years until her disappearance in 1982. She disappeared in January 1982, and her partner Chris filed a missing complaint on February 18, 1982.

To learn more about his marital controversies, continue reading this interesting article.

Who Is Chris Dawson’s Wife, Joanne Curtis?

Chris Dawson, now 73, married Joanne Curtis after his ex-wife Lynette Dawson’s disappearance in 1984. They were in a relationship while Chris was still married to Lynette Dawson.

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As per Daily Mail, Joanne was just 16 years when she began a romantic relationship with Chris Dawson.

She came out after Chris was under arrest and charged for murdering his first wife Lynette in 2018 over years of detailed investigation. Three days after Chris’s arrest, Curtis came out from the hiding place to go shopping.

Let me tell you, Joanne’s current age is 57/ 58 years now.

Chris Dawson’s Murder Trial Began Over Death Of Lynette Dawson

Chris Dawson, who has remained out on bail for murdering his wife Lynette Dawson, hasn’t pleaded guilty yet. His trial is expected to begin in NSW next month.

In a nutshell, Chris, 73, will face a trial over the alleged murder of his first wife forty years ago. In 2018, he was accused of murdering his wife and was held in prison in December 2018.

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His family paid a bail amount of $1.5 million for him to release from prison.

The father of three kids, Chris invited his school lover Joanne Curtis to his family home when his wife disappeared.

Chris Dawson Jail Sentence- Where Is He Now?

Chris Dawson remained out on bail years ago. He is not in prison lately. If Chris pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife in the upcoming trials in May, the supreme court might announce his imprisonment for the rest of his life.

Police believed that Lynette was murdered, and the murderer was none other than her husband, Chris. The case hasn’t been solved since he hasn’t pleaded guilty and insists that she is still alive, reported 9 News.