Who is Charli Burnett? Meet the Vanderpump Rules star ahead of season 10 premiere

Vanderpump Rules will return for another season this week. The impending fragment will highlight the cast exploring through life and new achievements. One of the cast individuals set to get back to the show is Charli Burnett, the entertainer, model, and esthetician who likewise works at SUR.

“Charli highly esteems coming clean and when a conflict breaks out between two of her best pals, she embraces a strategy of real love that compels them to speak the truth about their sentiments.”
Vanderpump Rules season 10 is set to debut on Wednesday, February 8, at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

Charli Burnett previously showed up on the Bravo show in season 8, and her time has not been without contention. The American reality star was born in February 1997 in Los Angeles, California. She is an alum of Barstow Junior School.

Prior to showing up on the show, she contended in exhibitions. She won Miss South Cove USA in 2017 and came to the last round of Miss California USA.

In 2020, the Vanderpump Rules cast part focused on her body change and individual battles. She said in an Instagram post that she lost everything toward the beginning of 2020, including her work, freedom, and herself.

“I fell into profound discouragement eating and drinking each and every day. I was at absolute bottom. Then, at that point, I got a medical procedure which helped my foot however hurt me intellectually and truly. I acquired over 45+ pounds and was uncertain if I could at any point feel like “Charli once more.”

She added that she was already hesitant to drill down into her excursion since she feared being judged and savaged. Be that as it may, Charli’s companions persuaded her to be more defenseless and more herself on the web.

The Vanderpump Rules star went on by saying the excursion assisted her with gaining tons of useful knowledge about herself. She acquired certainty and acknowledged she could achieve anything she put her energy into.

On the show, Charli and Scheana Shay were at first very close yet at last wound up on rival sides and lost contact. Charli posted a TikTok in November 2022 saying that she could do without anybody on the show and, surprisingly, called one of her cast individuals and called her a liar. The truth star additionally added that Scheana is a “f****** failure.”

Their kinship changed in season 9, and in a discussion with Us Week by week, Scheana focused on her fight with Charli. She said that she was baffled by the show and let the distribution know that the truth star called her a terrible companion a very long time after she went through a horrendous conveyance.

“It was truly disappointing watching back me cringing to her and saying ‘sorry’ that I haven’t been an old buddy when I’m like, ‘Would you say you are messing with me? I in a real sense got HELP Condition and could have died conceiving an offspring and you’re saying that I haven’t been available?”

Tune in on February 8 to see what occurs next on the Bravo show and stream the episodes on Peacock.