Who Is Cemre Demirel On Twitter, What Happened To Michael Sikkofield?

A recent surge in interest in a Turkish social media personality by the name of Cemre Demirel, aka Michael Sikkofield has resulted due to a series of tweets he posted recently about the political situation of his country and his disapproval of politicians.

He writes his blogs and posts in the form of “Hi, I’m ..” in the İnci Dictionary. He is a prolific writer and has a unique way of expressing his views on different matters ranging from religion to politics to current issues.

The massive popularity of Demirel has made the writer publish a book titled Piyon, where the writer’s name is credited to Michael Sikkokfield.

In this article, we take a look at the person behind the online alias, Michael Sikkofield, which is clearly based on the Prison Break protagonist Michael Scofield.

Who Is Cemre Demirel On Twitter?

Cemre Demirel is a Turkish social media influencer and author. He is also known as Michael Sikkofield.

The Turkish is recently trending on Twitter and social media after a series of tweets he posted about the politics and the current situation of his country. Whether it be criticizing the politicians or writing in a straightforward manner, Demirel has always been a free person in his views.

Michael Sikkofield is one of the most read bloggers in Turkey, where he writes about dark topics on conspiracy theories, secret organizations, mind control, subliminal messages, and has a unique opinion. He has gained a lot of fan following due to his carefree approach to writing.

The writer mostly writes in the form of “Hi, I’m” in the İnci Dictionary and enjoys entertaining people in the so-called virtual dictionary.

Demirel has not been afraid to open his mouth on contemporary issues and share his thoughts on different matters. His unique way of conveying a message is what made people fan of him in the first place.

What Happened To Michael Sikkofield?

Michael Sikkofield, aka Cemre Demirel, has a history of tweeting about the current affairs of his native country. Lately, he has posted a series of tweets in which he expressed views and disapproval of the political situation in Turkey.

Healthwise, Cemre is in perfect condition. Everything is good regarding that matter. However, when it comes to current affairs, his anger reaches a boiling point.

Demirel’s alternate name, Michael Sikkofield is a direct nod to Michael Scofield, the main protagonist of the series, Prison Break. In the series, Scofield is a talented architect who takes his innocent brother out of the prison through meticulous planning.

Sikkofield, on the other hand, is very opposing to the hierarchy of his country and is based on the Prison Break protagonist, who is looking for changing the current political situation of his country, and break people “free” from their cages.

Cemre Demirel Age Wiki Bio And Social Media

Cemre Demirel is currently 33 years old. He was born in 1989 in Turkey.

Demirel is an author who has written a couple of books about popular culture. He is a blogger who frequently writes his views on current affairs and the different topics on his blog.

Likewise, Cemre Demirel is also active on social media platforms. He has a significant following on his social media.

Demirel has 125K followers on his Twitter, @msikkofield. He has 16K followers on his Instagram, @cemredemirelms, as well as 40K followers on his official Facebook page.