The Bachelor: Cassidy Timbrooks Age And Height

Cassidy Timbrooks’ present age is 26 years old. The Bachelor’s candidate was born on May 17, 1995.

Her hometown is Cave Creek, where she was born and reared.

Cassidy’s zodiac sign is Aries, according to astrology. The Aries personality is creative, enthusiastic, and energetic, yet it can also be dominating and short-tempered at times.

The TV celebrity is currently residing in Santa Monica, California.

Cassidy works at Titanium Recruiting Inc. as an Executive Regional Recruiter. Cassidy enrolled at Arizona State University in 2013 and graduated in 2016 with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration And Management.

Similarly, before working as an Executive Regional Recruiter, she worked as a Bartender in several locations.

Cassidy’s height appears to be around 5 feet 5 inches based on her appearance. Timbrook is a native of the United States of America. 

Her weight is predicted to be approximately 60 kg, which is ideal for her height. Her weight is proportional to her height.

Cassidy Timbrooks Family

Cassidy Timbrooks appears to have a family of five members, including her mother and three siblings.

Her father Tyrus Gordon Timbrooks died of brain cancer in 2020, according to the source.

Cassidy’s mother Marilee has been working as the principal of Dysart Unified School District. Her siblings include three brothers: Thaddeus, Garrison, and Calvin.

Cassidy Timbrooks: Take a Look at Her Instagram

Cassidy Timbrooks has an Instagram account. She has 3365 Instagram followers and goes by the handle @cassidytimbrooks.

She is been using Instagram for more than 155 weeks. As of the day this article was created, she has 92 posts. Cassidy is an Executive Regional Recruiter with Titanium Recruiting Inc., according to her LinkedIn page.

Timbrooks looks to be a career-driven and focused woman who will have an influence on Clayton and Bachelor Nation. Cassidy is a powerful, outspoken woman who is not afraid to express herself or do anything she wants.

Cassidy spent her twenties experiencing life to the fullest and understanding what she genuinely desires via her previous experiences.