Who Is Canadian Journalist Janis Mackey Frayer’s Husband Kevin Frayer?

Who Is Kevin Frayer? Janis Mackey Frayer Husband

Janis Mackey Frayer’s Husband, Kevin Frayer is a prestigious Canadian award-winning journalist whose work has been renowned throughout the Globe.

Kevin is 49 years old as of the year 2022. He was born in the year 1979 in Canada and currently living in china with his family.

The Journalist made his fame through his Photo journalist career in 1991 during the war in Middle east Asia, Afghanistan, and Palestine. During his journey, he has worked for various organizations, like AP and Getty images. 

With their passion for Photograph, he has traveled around the World and worked in several countries. His work has been nominated for various titles and exhibited internationally.

Kevin married the NBC news Journalist Janis Mackey Fayer after they met during their work in New Delhi, India. After the years of their marriage, they were blessed with the Son, Jetsun Frayer. He has four pets, one dog Uma and three cats described as awful on his site.

According to his wife, he is a charming, loving, and caring husband. He takes his work seriously and is a wise companion to travel to different places. 

Kevin Frayer’s Net Worth

The Canadian Photojournalist made the Networth around $1 million – 5 million dollars up to 2022.

Kevin has made himself the Prominent Canadian Journalist through the journalist awards and the income through the involved organization. Fayer’s photography journalism has earned him several vital accolades. His photography has been displayed all around the World and featured in numerous publications.

Currently, He works for Gettyimages as the contractual Photojournalist, paying him more than 85 thousand dollars based on the illustrations of photos and videos. He is now based in Beijing, Niseko, for his works by the organization. The photographer can be contacted through his official website account where he works outside of his involved works.

His Wife, Janis Mackey Freyer, is the NBC news Journalist said to have a thousand USD dollar annual salary and a net worth of around Million dollars in 2022.

Kevin Frayer is also a Journalist: Wikipedia

Kevin Frayer is a Canadian journalist primarily renowned for his work during wartime in the Middle East in Afghanistan and Lebanon. The major highlight of their career was when he took the photo of the Palestinian that was caught during the firing of tear gas during the protest, which led him to win the grand prize from the Netherlands World Press photo in 2009.

Fayer has won various prestigious awards through his photographic journalism. His first achievement was during the Pulitizer competition, where he was a placed finalist. Some of those achievement includes Chris Hondros Fund Award and the World Press Photo contest in the year 2015 and 2016. He has won the Daily life category Title and second place in the same contest in the category of the Tibetian Dharma. 

His work has been published around the Globe and published in several magazines like Time Magazines, Wold press photo profile, and others. The Journalist began his career through the Winnepeg sun in 1991. Since then, he has worked for the Canadian press as the National photographer and chief photographer in Middle east countries like Afghanistan and India.

The Journalist is currently located in china after he left the AP and worked as a photographer in Asia for Getty Images on the contract.

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